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The pitiful iPad

How many of you can stay calm if your kid did the following thing to your iPad?


Come, raise your hand, honestly.

This son of mine, really drove me nuts everyday. He threw his daddy's iPad from upstair this morning. No reason, just because of his tantrum.

I came home from tomb sweeping and MIL immediately told me this, and when I looked at the iPad, I really din't know how to react. Anyway, I did not beat him, I scolded him. Already told him numerous times that he is not supposed to throw/hit the iPad just because Youtube videos/games cannot be played.
I knew one day this iPad will sure gone head-wired one, just din't expect to be this soon.

Now, daddy got to spend some money to get the iPad fixed.

Sigh... Tell me how to teach a stubborn boy like Aden :'(


  1. Oh dear. When we give little ones electronic gadgets, this is bound to happen but of course the heartache will be there. Good on you that you did not hit him out of frustration.

  2. Ohhhhhh kid ~~~
    heartpain for u lol

  3. Kids are kids, what to do? Of course, must punish, reason with him, explain...when both are no longer angry.

  4. I bought 1 cheapo tablet, and my kid threw it on the floor a few times when the video he wanted to watch was "buffering".. The screen pecah after 3-4 times.. I did not beat him, but I shouted like gila!

  5. There's some hard cover case, it won't say like can protect 100% of it, but still it's better than normal case. Maybe you can try to get that, so let say touch wood next time it happened again, it won't damage so badly.

    1. I know what you mean, 防爆 cover right? Actually that cover is 防爆 one, else even worse.. :(

  6. Haih, I don't know. I never have my own kids yet. Maybe I will not be able to control and slap him :( .

  7. haahaaa...follow the mother side or father side of the tantrum ? I will get angry too if this happen..

  8. Throwing anything is unacceptable to me. If this was happened to me, I would be mad too. When I was mad, I would punish and scold them to make sure there is no more next time. I am fierce. Hehehe!

  9. Maybe can like what Princess Ribbon mention, a cheapo one for the kid, if not, will be heartpain as in this case...

  10. Good that you did not beat him. Just show him the broken iPad and tell him since broken, the consequence is that there is no more Youtube and games for him. This is also his punishment, cannot play at all with the new iPad since he broke this one.

  11. OMG!It's really hard to stay calm when seeing this masterpiece.

  12. Boys are normally more active and restless, need to discipline him, tell him the reason why he should not do that, because it is Daddy's hard earned money to buy that so he should treasure it and he should be patient when the video is loading, patience is a virtue but maybe he is too young to understand all these reasons

  13. I am using my precious old iPad now to read your blog. My heart will ache and crack up if the screen becomes like your hubby's!! You are wise to scold him without having to use canes. Someday you may need the cane when the limit is overboard otherwise you might get hyper tension. Lol

  14. Oh dear! I would be blowing my fuse seeing this!! Luckily we hide the ipad from the kids to prevent such happening. Dont want them to be too addictive to such gadget.

    My kids never throw things because of tantrum. Sometimes they could be careless, accidentally drop things. I guess patience is virtue to teach a stubborn kid. I am sure once they gone to school, they would behave much better.

  15. Oh Boy... you allow Aden to fondle with iPad without your supervision? My kids norm ask to play. And that only happens on weekends or when we are out "lepaking". Other time, strictly a NO NO.

    1. No, usually I supervised one. But this happened when I wasn't at home... :(

  16. Relax...relax... happened to me before but my kid accidentally drop it. It's ok la... repair it.

  17. Ban him from playing the tablet as he already damaged it and daddy have no $ to get a new one >_<

  18. oh dear... time to get a new one... can it still be repaired? It looks.. like my pc with three big dark trees now...

  19. oh my.... maybe you need to keep it somewhere else :OO

  20. Sorry to hear that!

    My previous iPad also cracked but it was my own fault and my dear got one another one to replace it, which I've been super careful with ever since. Kids will sometimes be like that though, good that you didn't hit him. My late mom used to beat me as a kid and I don't think it helped much. Haha.

  21. Alamak.... might be too young for him to play with it. Sometimes the costof fixing it mightcome up to the cost of buying a new one

  22. Replies
    1. Thanks for asking HB. The iPad is ok already, brought to repair (<RM400) and now looks like brand new, hehe. But will be super careful with usage now.

  23. Well, luckily it didn't hit anyone when he threw it. Good to give him a scolding and denda him a bit. Such as no usage of the ipad till he behaves..


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