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Just a short post today...

Good morning Tuesday! How's your day??

Let's start off with a photo of my boys~~

Wearing the same top, and an almost-alike spec. I feel that Toby is growing with his own look already, he used to be alike with his big brother when he was younger~~   Nonetheless, both are still my past life lovers, for life <3

Big brother is getting more stubborn, with his own temper. And still very clingy to me ( I am not complaining, I am enjoying this moment... :p ) Will be going to kindergarten next year!
Di di Toby is one year plus now... Learning to stand unsupported,  I guess very soon he will take his first step already (can't wait!!) Taking 2 solid meals per day, and still on my milk... (Don't know how to wean him off, and actually I am a bit lazy to wean him off also la, haha!)
Aden sayang his brother or not you might ask?  Erm, sometimes yes sometimes no. He can get quite harsh sometimes.  But I think deep down he still love his little brother la!
I alone used to bring Aden …

Beauty products (May 2016)

Top Team Aisan hair shampoo and hair mask.  500ml each, suitable for all hair types (dry, split ends, damaged, permed, dyed, oily, hair loss).

I have tried the sample size given by my upline and I bought a set for myself after that! I love the smell of it, most importantly it makes my hair smooth and silky! Can instantly feel it after I rinsed off the hair mask. My hair got permed, dyed and bleached recently so I really need a good hair products! Shampoo is RM 88; hair mask is RM 118; buy one set at only RM 186! 
Latoja hyaluronic face solution (Which I have shared before, click HERE)

Latoja compact miniature hyaluronic acid solution:
- face slimming/firming
- anti wrinkle/anti aging
- whitening
- lighten scar marks/acnes/pigmentation/dark circles - reduce eyebags  - anti allergy Each box contains 12 bottles of 2ml serum, 6 bottles for day use, 6 bottles for night use.

Partner/group Yoga

I resumed Yoga lesson during the 4th month post natal and it feels great! Not only did it helped me lost weight faster, also release stress and tension that I got from looking after two boys :p

Yoga can be done individually as well as with partner and in groups. And it's all about strength, communication and trust. You got to put in more strength to support yourself and also your partner(s); you got to communicate with each other to come to a comfortable and steady pose; and you got to trust each other in every poses. 
So doing a partner/group yoga is actually more tiring than the individual ones.... But it has its own fun too! That's why I make sure I attend the lesson weekly no matter how tired I am.

Lastly, allow me to do a bit advertisement about the slimming cream that I sell, Latoja =) Use it before exercise to help burn fats more effectively!  Ready stocks, feel free to drop me a pm if you are interested! (WeChat: york_mei)

Toby is now ONE!

So we had a simple celebration (yet busy night) during Toby's birthday.  
And now, we are counting down for big brother Aden's birthday which is this Saturday~ Well no more celebration like this la, perhaps just a dinner with both in laws and my family.. Too tiring to organize another party :p Actually we sort of celebrated Aden's birthday in advance last weekend, haha!
Shall write a proper blog post about the party, soon I hope ^^