Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beauty products (May 2016)

Top Team Aisan hair shampoo and hair mask
500ml each, suitable for all hair types (dry, split ends, damaged, permed, dyed, oily, hair loss).

I have tried the sample size given by my upline and I bought a set for myself after that! I love the smell of it, most importantly it makes my hair smooth and silky! Can instantly feel it after I rinsed off the hair mask. My hair got permed, dyed and bleached recently so I really need a good hair products!
Shampoo is RM 88; hair mask is RM 118; buy one set at only RM 186! 


Latoja hyaluronic face solution (Which I have shared before, click HERE)

Latoja compact miniature hyaluronic acid solution:
- face slimming/firming
- anti wrinkle/anti aging
- whitening
- lighten scar marks/acnes/pigmentation/dark circles
- reduce eyebags 
- anti allergy
Each box contains 12 bottles of 2ml serum, 6 bottles for day use, 6 bottles for night use.


Latoja Hwanyu mask and serum

- moisturising & hydrating
- detox, repairing, regeneration
- lighten acnes marks
- brighten skin
- giving you supple flawless skin
Each box contains 8 pieces of mask (use with the serum) and 8 bottles of 2ml serum. To be used twice a week.


Latoja body slimming cream

- reduce cellulite, burn fats, lighten stretchmarks (even the very terrible ones), helps in post natal body repairing, increase lymphatic detoxification/sweating, improves water retention, reduce wrinkles, warm the uterus, whitening and firming. Can be used on tummy, arms, hips and thighs. Suitable for male and female. Safe for breastfeeding mums but not recommended for pregnant women.

- it has ginger extracts so it leaves some warm sensation after application but it's actually very comfortable. Unlike those burning sensation which you find in other slimming cream.

I have all 3 items as ready stocks so if you are interested, feel free to pm me or leave your comments below (Be sure to come back and check my reply ya!)
(WeChat: york_mei)

I use the slimming cream daily (in the evening), and before my weekly dance/yoga class too ^^
And how I feel after using it? I do feel my belly firmer! ;) 

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  1. Nice! You look great, that's good advertisement for your slimming cream! :)

  2. All the best in your business enterprise!

  3. Hi, I'm interested with Latoja slimming cream, Can email me the detail (ong_23@hotmail.com). Thanks ya!

    1. Hi! Mailed ya. Please check inbox!

  4. You are toned right now. I am interested in your LATOJA slimming cream. How much?

  5. Hopefully the Latoja slimming cream works well for me :)

  6. Wah...can make stomach smaller leh...hee..hee...

  7. I like your new profile pic, you look like a schoolgirl

  8. You are looking great! You are the best advertisement for your products to show that they work.

  9. how much is for anmyna shampoo? also can you send to australia?

    1. It's RM99. I send to Australia but you have to bear the postage fees.

    2. Happy to pay for postage ... do you know how much the postage fees to Perth will be?

    3. The first 500g is RM75, next 500g is RM14, delivery days is 2-4 days...

    4. Ah those prices is quite good ... i would like order 2 bottles please :)

    5. Ok. Do you have email? It would be more convenient if we can correspond via email.

    6. sure it is ... richard.hemerik @gmail.com

    7. Hi, please check inbox ya!


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