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Just a short post today...

Good morning Tuesday! How's your day??

Let's start off with a photo of my boys~~

Wearing the same top, and an almost-alike spec. I feel that Toby is growing with his own look already, he used to be alike with his big brother when he was younger~~  
Nonetheless, both are still my past life lovers, for life <3

Big brother is getting more stubborn, with his own temper. And still very clingy to me ( I am not complaining, I am enjoying this moment... :p )
Will be going to kindergarten next year!

Di di Toby is one year plus now... Learning to stand unsupported,  I guess very soon he will take his first step already (can't wait!!)
Taking 2 solid meals per day, and still on my milk... (Don't know how to wean him off, and actually I am a bit lazy to wean him off also la, haha!)

Aden sayang his brother or not you might ask? 
Erm, sometimes yes sometimes no. He can get quite harsh sometimes. 
But I think deep down he still love his little brother la!

I alone used to bring Aden to public swimming pool, but with Toby now it's kinda hard...  So we will just have a quick dip in the inflatable pool at home these days.

As for me, still the same, busy and tired Hayley.
But no matter how tired I am, I will still attend my weekly workout sessions. Not just to lose weight, but to release tension! Feel so much fresher after sweating out!

And once a while, I will have a quick time-off with my bffs.

Just recently we had a tea session. just 3 of us, it feels so good to be able to catch up and gossips!

She is one of my bff, who is kind and caring, a year younger than me. Some say we actually look a bit alike. If yes then she is my little sister ;))
What say you? Hehe!


  1. Ya, both of you quite alike eh.. hahah

  2. 我也觉得Toby跟哥哥比较不像脸了,越来越有自己的样子了。

  3. Hey Mummy Hayley. You are very creative in taking funny cute shots of your boys. When they grow up, they will laugh and appreciate these shots. I have very few funny photos but in B&W only! LOLOL

    You and your BFF look like twins!

  4. Little Toby has grown quite a lot, huh? He is very cute! I love the photos of him and Aden.

  5. Not that short. Your boys are so cute. Toby looks like you? See that first pic.

  6. I loves the 4th picture when Aden sayang his didi, hehe...

  7. Lovely. I think you have a lovely, busy and wonderful life as a homemaker and mother to 2 boys. Both are so cute.

  8. Thanks for sharing your life recently

    1. I like the first funny photo, your boys look so cute

    2. You look so slim, even after having two boys, still look so good, must be the yoga sessions you have

  9. Hahaha.. They look so cute ! Yeah , no matter what , the bro will still sayang the younger bro. He just don't show it.
    Yes, just like me, I workout to release stress. Keep it up !

  10. Enjoy your moments with your boys. They will grow up real soon..

  11. Can I.......cubut Toby's cheek? Hehe, too chubby, can't resist :P

  12. Super like the photos of your two boys! Good that you are taking time for yourself and your friends. If you introduce your bff as your little sister, I think I would believe it.

  13. Wow Toby sudah big boy already! And mommy so slim dy! I jeles liaw! Anyway have a great upcoming weekend ahead!

  14. Wow Toby sudah big boy already! And mommy so slim dy! I jeles liaw! Anyway have a great upcoming weekend ahead!

  15. Enjoy your boys as much as you can, they grow fast. Believe, in no time, you miss all these moment.

  16. Yes yes, definitely look alike, you and her.

    You so slim dy, don't look like a mother of two also <3

  17. I miss you Hayley.. Just to drop by to let you know I'm still around.. I gone cuckoo liao for the past 2 weeks..

  18. You both macam sister! Nice to have a tea session once in a while with friends.

  19. You both do look alike, I guess because of long hair and wearing spec?


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