Monday, June 20, 2016

Beauty products (June 2016)

1. Bioaqua Vitamin C eyemask
For instant relief of tired and tensed eyes. Also helps in lightening dark circles, eyebags and wrinkles around the eyes area, and providing moist to the skin.
Has a nice orange and green tea scent. 36 sheets per bottle. RM40.

2. aMask gold & stemcell mask
Very good in hydrating dry/peeled skin, also good for lifting/firming and anti aging.
I have actually blogged about it HERE
4 pieces per box, RM89 (Buy two boxes and FREE postage within Malaysia).

3. Mediheal LINE friends mask
These masks are not only cute but also has 4 different functions! 
Blue: extra hydrating and lock moisture
Green: repairing, calming, oil control
Pink: whitening, for flawless skin, balance skin tone
Yellow:  anti aging/wrinkle, lightening spots

RM10/piece, RM90 per box (10 pieces)

4. Rorec aloe vera mask
This is the most economic facial mask which can be used regularly, mild and suitable for skin types, great in hydrating!
RM3/piece, RM29 for 10 pieces

5. Toothspa whitening powder
Please refer to this post for full details about this product

6 Latoja face serum and slimming cream
Please click HERE to view the individual functions

Even gentleman is using slimming cream =)
Well I think actually beauty/slimming products is for all ages and gender la! ^^

Do drop me a comment or add me in WeChat (ID: york_mei) if you are keen on any products. Follow me in Instagram at yorkmei.
Buy 2 products and above to receive free postage, and free gifts!

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  1. Wahhhhh!!!! Can slim down one kah? Bet I would need a lot of the cream. :D

    1. Hehe, with determination sure can see results la!!

  2. A good range of beauty products! Good selection for your buyers.

  3. Too bad you do not serve Singapore market, if not, I sure will order from you

    1. The gold and stemcell mask sounds good

    2. Hi Libby, I do post to Sg but the buyer has to bear the postage fees...
      Yep, that amask is indeed very good, it's like multi functions ;)

    3. Hi Libby, you can bank in SGD to my brother's DBS saving account. Then I will proceed with the postage ;)

    4. His is a Singapore bank account right? Ok, let me browse through all your products again and decide again thanks

    5. Yes, my brother works at Sg and he owns a Sg bank account ;) Sure, let me know again!

  4. more and more products u sell now.. i heard lotaja is not bad.. yet to try.. next time .. *wink

    1. It's quite good!!
      Sure no problem ;)


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