Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bringing kids out on my own

Going out alone is easy and hassle free.
But with kids, that's a different story.

Bringing one kid out, on my own, a bit hassle but manageable.
Bringing two kids out, on my own, slightly more hassle and busier than the above, but still manageable for me (I learn through experience ^^).
Bringing three kids out.... I have no idea yet :p

Due to my online business, I need to send parcels frequently (sometimes to run errands), but with my two boys, sometimes it can be quite troublesome.
Sometimes I will leave them to my family members and try to get things done as quick as possible.
But I would still prefer to tag them along, cause I can take my sweet time and don't have to rush home. Well, I am the type of person who don't like to trouble others, if you know what I mean ;)

In the beginning it was kinda kelam kabut... Especially when Toby was still few months old. 
But as days past, I gain more experience so things got smoother now. I can even bring them go high tea or to the places they like, like indoor playground, haha!

 (Big brother Aden took this, not bad but yet to be improved :p)

(The crave for dessert like waffle and ice cream is high during that time of the month,  so I brought them along to fix my cravings. Unfortunately, these chocolate toast and Affogato waffle din't satisfied my craving that day.... T_T)

Actually bringing my boys out alone is not that difficult now, but my biggest concern is of course their safety. Kidnapping case is very scary these days so I always, always pay close attention. One hand carry Toby, the other hand hold Aden (Actually it is a great workout for my arms also, haha xD). 

(Toby is a very happy baby who enjoys food, no wonder he is so chubby la! Right? :p)

I love every family outing with hubby along but I too enjoy moments like this, just mother and sons time ;)


  1. Salute! I just had one little girl and bringing her out when she was little was so taxing, stressed - ok when she was a little bigger, quite fun.

  2. I also salute you! Two young active boys not easy to jaga. The desserts look good but somehow you not satisfied. I wonder why? :D

  3. 我反而觉得孩子越多带出门越好照顾,因为他们都会互相照应,互相成为彼此的玩伴。当然这个只适合放在会走会自理程度的孩子,要是你让我带两个婴儿出门,我可能也鸡手鸭脚,甚至会抓狂的!!

  4. Salute!

    Stress but also rewarding, right? :)

  5. 了解, if me, if possible, i also do not want to trouble other's...


  6. Bonding time with kids.. tho troublesome but
    nice geh..

  7. You're great!
    I still cannot manage 2 kids alone.
    I'm grateful that my PIL always help me to take care one of them...either big or small one

  8. wah..supermom! I salute u for able to control a active growing kid and a toddler at the same time, summore both are boys! I dun have such high patience with kid....especially the stubborn yet hyperactive ones.

  9. If me, I don't think I can handle them, boys some more. If they cry or throw a tantrum, don't know what to do

  10. Wei, that 14 second video is about him sucking his thumb only I think. That is "enjoys food" meh? XD

  11. yea, got to be very careful when you bring your boys out alone. I did that before and can be very stressful. Their safety is of utmost importance. Take care..

  12. I tell you, it is busy but manageabke bringing 3 kids out. Mine is alright as the 2 are bigger. I just need to watch out for the youngest one while reminded the big sister to keep eyes on the other brother. Most of the time I bring my kids for breakfast or a quick grocery shopping alone when hubby is not around.

  13. Not bad la..whenever I ask my wifey to bring the kids out on holidays while I was working, I will get scolded by her...hahaha... cos it's really not easy looking after kids who can run faster than you now.

  14. Wow respect! I can't bring both my boys out without the Daddy. Well, I bring them to the playground alone but I dont bring them shopping alone yet.

  15. I tag both my girls along since they were young. Have not much choice then and I still enjoy bringing them out...just girls outing.Hahah. Good thing is no hassle when we all need to go to the restroom.

    Once, I brought 4 kids out. 2 boys and 2 girls. I have to stand at the middle of the toilet entrance while waiting for them to finish their business...

  16. You are doing great! You enjoy the time you spend with your two kids and at the same time you can manage your online business well. Please give yourself a pat on the shoulder, you have done very well.

  17. Oh, I thought I saw someone like you with a kid at 1 Utama when I was eating Korean fried chicken for lunch going up the escalator. I don't recognize people well though and I've never seen you before so I wasn't sure if it was you. Haha. Same purple top though.

    1. Nop, not me, but I was at One U though last Saturday ;)

  18. Wow! You are supermom! Can bring your two young sons out without any help. Good!


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