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Tired, but fine

Not sure if it's just me or... But my life as a stay-at-home-mum is really surrounded by these 2 fellas.......
Looking after them, watch them play, watch them fight, hear them laugh, hear them cry, making food/milk for them, putting them to sleep and the list goes on and on............

But luckily, I still manage to steal some times to do things I enjoy, like dancing ;)

And also, shopping!! ;)

But first, a photo of Toby, before his haircut....

And after xD
Looks like a little monk? Somehow he looks even naughtier and cheeky with this new look... The salon auntie suggested to shave his head shorter so that the hair can grow nicer, ok fingers crossed!

Ok back to the shopping topic.
I was away to KL last weekend, mostly for shopping and makan makan la! But few days before that, Toby was sick, and I was in dilemma whether to go or not........  

Fever, and swollen throat, which leads to chesty cough :(
Big kor kor Aden also caught the sick bug........

In short, both were sick, and being their mother means I was also sick cause I couldn't sleep well. 

Anyhow, I tagged them along to KL, after seeking advice from doctor.
Parents in law wanted to bring their grandsons to KL for shopping, no reason to reject right? :p

Thank God things were under control, both enjoyed themselves.
I got a little bit of break too ;)
(Not many photos taken though)

Besides busying with the kids, I am still running my online business.

Hot mama Yannie won the Toothspa contest, head on to her blog to read what she has to say about this product ;)
She is indeed one of my supportive friend and customer! #thankyou #toothspa #teethwhiteningpowder #oralcare #dentalcare #onlinebusiness

Did a simple poster for my WeChat cover photo ;)
Haih economy not good, must do my best to earn extra income to feed my kids and myself!! :p 

I can't tell if working mama is harder or stay-at-home-mum. But one thing for sure, we are all tired!!

But no matter how tired, seeing my kids happy and healthy makes all the tiredness disappear.
They say that's parenthood, well I guess only parents will feel that. 
#parenthood #parenting #greatestlove

Ok, sending friend kisses to you! 

Thanks for reading and I shall be back!


  1. Salute you as full time stay-at-home-mom and manage to run your online business, really not easy~~

    1. Haha, ok la, we are all super woman!

  2. 全职妈妈不简单啊更何况要照顾两个孩子,你的生活还是很充实啊!^^

    1. 哈哈,没办法啦!生活很累所以要过的充实啊!

  3. You have a very healthy and balanced lifestyle with the best attention for your growing kids while you still could exercise happily.

  4. I salute you Hayley! It's great that you can still find some time for yourself to enjoy exercise session with friends.

    1. Yes, have to! Else really very tired one :p

  5. Hayley, thanks a lot for the free tooth spa, April likes it very much. I of course like very much the Latoja Slimming cream. Keep up the good work, Hayley.

    1. You are welcome!

      Yea, use it everyday and you shall see the results!

  6. Glad all worked out well in the end. Take care, being a full-time mum is not easy but with your two lovely boys, the day will come when you will look back and wish you could turn back the clock. Kids grow up real fast!

  7. Super mama, Hayley. Do take care ya. Steal more time to rest if can .

  8. The joy is there watching your kids grow up...

  9. Not easy taking care of kids 24/7, but they are your bundles of joy

    1. Really not easy!! But then it's rewarding la!

  10. Not easy to be a SAHM. Soon you will have more me time when both go to school but then again, you will miss having them to yourself at home. Hehe.

    I need a holiday. Family holiday. Wonder when would that be. Economy is not good. Wish I could earn extra money too.

    1. Yes Rose, not easy at all.

      I want to go for a holiday too!!

  11. 全职妈妈更需要一些属于自己的时间和消遣,比如像你一样去上瑜伽和舞蹈班,动起来同时又能跟朋友哈拉,这样的生活才平衡。

    1. 嗯是的。。真的很需要Me Time,要不然真的会疯!哈哈!

  12. I don't have children yet I am also tired so I can imagine how tired you are so I salute you for being a great mother taking care of your boys.

    1. Haha, wait til you have your own children then you will truly experience.... ;)

    2. But I don't have any children. :)

  13. Eh so cute Toby is holding his own milk bottle even when he is unwell. It's not easy being a stay at home mom as the 'work' never ends but the satisfaction is sure much greater :)

    1. Correct, house works seems never ending one!! Somemore need to clean up their mess~~

  14. Good to do Yoga. I believe your body is very flexi, hardly has any bodyache eh?

    1. Yes, Yoga is good for everyone.
      Erm, quite ok la, but sometimes if bend too much will have backache too! @_@

  15. Stay at home mum is the hardest! U r super mom!

    1. Hehe, working mum is also not easy ar!

  16. I think Toby is starting to look more and more like Aden. Especially the eyes. XD

    1. Haha really? Hmm, no surprise la, they are from the same factory ma!! xDD

  17. I think that's one of the best photos of you! The one you put in WeChat I mean. I think it's one of the first photos I've seen of you too, back when I started to read your blog.


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