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Movie Review: Train to Busan (2016)

Image taken from HERE
Gong Yoo
Ma Dong-seok
Jung Yu-mi
Kim Su-an
Kim Eui-sung
Choi Woo-shik
Ahn So-hee
- Watched this movie a fortnight ago and it was a thumbs up!
- Basically it's a horror movie so the plot is easy to understand la~  Anyway, it's not only a movie about zombie but also showing the good and ugly sides of human beings, which we may find in our everyday life..... 
- Majority of the scenes is exciting and thrilling! Almost get heart attack xD  And the zombies look really scary! But there are a few scenes which make me cry too~~ The sacrifices and emotion of the victims.... :(
- Definitely worth watching! Only complaint is, the movie ends too abruptly... Well may be that's the way to make us to look forward to second installment? ^^
Rating: 8.5/10

Happening lately....

A selfie to start off the post :p

Photo taken 2 weeks ago while on the way to a friend's wedding reception. Toby was at home under MIL's care, heard he was behaving well when mummy wasn't around, good boy!

Took 2 hours off from mummy's duty and went to have Merdeka lunch with a friend~
With mummy Cindy 

Then another 2 hours off on Malaysia Day..... (Erm actually slightly more than 2 hours la xD)

Chicken Ceasar salad, and Uncle Tetsu cheesecake brought by a friend
My lemongrass chicken chop which is totally so so only =_=
Friend's tomyam seafood spaghetti which she claimed kinda spicy and she couldn't finish the whole plate....
Seafood pizza to share, this one is satisfactory!

I am the oldest most matured (in terms of age la...) among the 4 of us... :p 
Our kids were left at home with their respective daddies....  We grabbed the short hours to eat peacefully, and not forgetting, gossiping catch up with each other on lives, kids and bla bla bla...

When I don&#…

Day trip to Penang

The usual places I go whenever I go Penang is shopping malls like Queensbay or Gurney, this time around I suggested something new.
假日呆在太平也会闷,所以我们偶尔会北上槟城走走~ 不需要过夜,因为太近了,哈哈!

So we dropped by M Mall. It's actually next to Penang Times Square.
这天来到了 M Mall.

Haha, what kinda expression is this Aden? 这是什么表情啊?耍酷不过又偷笑?:p
There's a Madame Tussauds inside, I guess a small one perhaps~ 里面有间蜡像馆,不过考虑到小瓜们都还不会欣赏所以没进去。 入门要钱哦,而且不便宜~

We din't enter, thinking that the kids is too young to appreciate that~ Plus entrance ticket is not cheap

There's also a kids indoor games center, very attractive for the kids, cause it's very colorful! 家婆说那海盗乌龟跟老公很像,哈哈!!

这间商场对我来说不好shop,没什么适合的~ 不过我倒很喜欢它们的设计,各个角落都有主题,可以拍很多照~ 肯定花了不少钱来装饰,不过那创意,赞!

This mall to me, nothing interesting to buy inside... But I do admire their interior designs, every floor has their own themes~ Here Toby spotted so many fruits in there and he's ready to climb inside! xD

后面的水果啊!!都是假的啦~ 不过就看了心情很好,颜色好鲜艳!^^ off shoulder 上衣很美…