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Happening lately....

A selfie to start off the post :p

Photo taken 2 weeks ago while on the way to a friend's wedding reception.
Toby was at home under MIL's care, heard he was behaving well when mummy wasn't around, good boy!

Took 2 hours off from mummy's duty and went to have Merdeka lunch with a friend~

With mummy Cindy 

Then another 2 hours off on Malaysia Day..... (Erm actually slightly more than 2 hours la xD)

Chicken Ceasar salad, and Uncle Tetsu cheesecake brought by a friend

My lemongrass chicken chop which is totally so so only =_=

Friend's tomyam seafood spaghetti which she claimed kinda spicy and she couldn't finish the whole plate....

Seafood pizza to share, this one is satisfactory!

I am the oldest most matured (in terms of age la...) among the 4 of us... :p 

Our kids were left at home with their respective daddies....  We grabbed the short hours to eat peacefully, and not forgetting, gossiping catch up with each other on lives, kids and bla bla bla...

When I don't have any events to attend, I dedicate all my time to my boys....
Bring them to lake garden Taiping, a place which they love, with playground, bubbles, ice cream....

Or just a ride in the car....

Or some indoor playground like Kidzoona Aeon.
Both of them like this place too, I mean of course la, it's built for kids... 
I like this place too, cause the air cond is really cold I can really fall asleep here..... :p

Or a quick swimming session at a pool nearby my house....

This one taken during Thursday night, at lake garden, the most happening area in my hometown during Mid Autumn Festival... People playing lanterns and candles and fireworks, even got dance session there. We sweat a lot la!
It's no doubt tiring bringing two kids out especially if on my own, but seeing them happy I am happy! ^^

And no matter how tired or how busy I am, must spare time for my dear parents.

Taken last Sunday, my dad's birthday


And I finally did something which I have been longing to do for years..........................

A tattoo for myself!

Reason for being not doing it earlier on is because my other half is totally against it.

Until today, he still says NO when I ask him 'can I do a tattoo?'. So I have decided to not ask him already and straight away do it! It's called 先斩后奏 in Chinese *blek

Just a simple one I want. I personally like it and no regrets in doing it.
But my friend was right, it can be addictive, now I want another tattoo already, HOW??


  1. Wow... Hayley, may I ask.. painful or not? So cool..

    1. Erm, a little bit only, like insect bite.. xD

  2. Nice that you managed to spend time with family and also alone time with friends. Your tattoo is nice. So he no choice but to accept lah, huh? hee..hee...

    1. Yes, must spend time with family, and balance up with friends ;)

      Haha ya lo, have to accept :p

  3. Your tattoo is so simple and makes you happy, why not? I also love to admire elaborate tattoos very much but discourage my wife too. LOL I get excited when I see guys having colourful huge tattoos on their thighs or Arms in the gym. They are so muscular and flaunt their tattoos. So jealous!

    You looked like a movie star with make up!!

    1. Those huge tattoos, I don't know how to 'yan siong'.... But I like small and simple ones.

      Haha, with make up, anyone can become movie star!! :p

  4. Nice outings!

    Both for Mummy's off duty ones and with the family.

  5. Belated birthday greetings to your Dad, God bless always. Yes, kids are like that - always behave better when the mum is not around. Hehehehehehe!!!! Righto, be happy!!! Cheers!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the wishes STP! I wish you health and luck too!

      Yes, weird right? They always behave better when the parents is not around!

  6. Replies
    1. 哈哈谢谢你。。。乱来的 :p

  7. Pretty mummy. Still look good. And your boys are getting bigger too.

    1. Thanks Rose!

      Ya, and I am getting older too :(

  8. Happy belated birthday to uncle.

    Can see that you are a blessed wife, mother and daughter from the photos.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad...

    Waiting for chance to meetup with you and hug hug your kids, hehe....

    1. Thank you Sharon zumba queen! ;)

      Yea, waiting for the day to come......

  10. Hahah..secretly I also wish to a small tattoo too but didn't dare to do it.

  11. 哗。。纹身?好看啊。。

  12. Nice tattoo, Hayley! My husband also discouraged me to have tattoo, that is why until now I still have none. Kekeke!

    Be happy, yeah! You look good, Hayley, as always.

    1. Hmm, you are a very good wife, listened to your hubby :p

      Thanks Yannie, miss you ladies a lot!

  13. Happy belated birthday to your father! Wah Aden can swim with floats on his own - so nice! Good to see you and your family's activities, making full use of time together and you taking some time for yourself to catch up witj friends too.

    1. Thanks for the wishes mun.

      Yea, must cherish the times spent with family and friends... Life is too short!

  14. I realised your tattoo in the picture with your friends and wondered have you had a tattoo all these while? And then I read the ending, oh, you just got them. It's beautiful and I know it can be addictive hence I did not get one for myself. If I can, I will have a ladybug tattooed somewhere on me. I love ladybugs.

    1. Hehe, sharp eyes!

      Ladybug one can be nice too@

  15. cool tattoo...but one is enuff la...ur skin is already looking good without any tattoo ;-)

    1. Haha, temporarily one is enough for me ;))


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