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Movie Review: Train to Busan (2016)

Image taken from HERE


Gong Yoo
Ma Dong-seok
Jung Yu-mi
Kim Su-an
Kim Eui-sung
Choi Woo-shik
Ahn So-hee

- Watched this movie a fortnight ago and it was a thumbs up!

- Basically it's a horror movie so the plot is easy to understand la~ 
Anyway, it's not only a movie about zombie but also showing the good and ugly sides of human beings, which we may find in our everyday life..... 

- Majority of the scenes is exciting and thrilling! Almost get heart attack xD 
And the zombies look really scary!
But there are a few scenes which make me cry too~~ The sacrifices and emotion of the victims.... :(

- Definitely worth watching! Only complaint is, the movie ends too abruptly... Well may be that's the way to make us to look forward to second installment? ^^

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. I had no time to watch and missed it. My wife managed to watched online and said it was good but stereotyped. What did she mean?

  2. My cousin refuses to watch because the hero dies in the end - dunno the name of that actor, her idol!!!

  3. If you ask me to do review for movies, i no good at it, hehe...

    1. Me too, so just cincai write, as long as I can understand :p

  4. I watched it in London.. during the night in the hotel and at the airport cos the dongle we took along, the 14gb habis half way! So we continued watching it using airport wifi... very exciting and nice, at least kept us from the boredom waiting... hahaha...

    1. Yes, definitely won't feel bored watching this!

  5. I have heard many people around me say this movie is good and very thrilling, but I have not stepped into the cinema watching this, maybe will buy the DVD from JB one of these days

    1. No need DVD, just download from the Internet, very clear already~~

  6. I have watched this and I felt so emotional while watching it. I cried.

  7. I watched 10-15 minutes of it using the new WifiTV box that my brother bought when I went home to KL last week, then it became laggy no thanks to Unifi so I stopped. I don't think I wanna watch another zombie movie nowadays so I have not tried hard to look for a source to continue watching...

    1. Why? Scare? :p
      Actually this one not just about zombie, about human's attitude too~

  8. I read that this movie is doing very well. Dunno if I got chance to watch it.

  9. I did not watch this as it is not suitable for the boys :(

    1. Oh, then have to download then watch it when they are asleep ;)

  10. 这部电影前半段让我心跳加速,后半段让我哭惨,或许它并不算是最好看的丧尸片,却是最能感动到我的丧尸片。看完之后我有冲动想去练习短跑,啊哈哈哈!!

    1. 嗯真的,除了紧张刺激,还很感人呢!

  11. Maybe I will catch a dvd. Did thought of buying it last week but not sure good or not.

  12. Hub downloaded the movie but havent got time to sit down and watch. With your good review, will def give it a try this weekend.

    1. Yea, hope you will enjoy! Prepare tissue paper ya ;)


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