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Toby boy: 1y5m

Yea, time really flies man!

My naughty Toby is going to be 18 months old this month end!! But mummy is still that young la :p
Just a short post to record his progress..

This boy is quick in mimicking us, definitely cheekier than his big brother at the same age

Many commented he is cute, erm, to be precise it's naughtily cute? Haha!
He is still drooling quite a lot hence he is always with his pacifier, this boy sure loves his pacifier! (Headache when I think about how to wean him off later >.<)

Not sure if it's because of the pacifier, Toby is still with 8 front incisors only T_T But can see his 2 of his top molars is sprouting...

Big brother Aden tends to bully him quite often but Toby doesn't seems to be scared... He will grab whatever chances to bully him back xD Siblings rivalry... Sigh~
Of course, Aden wins most of the time, LOL!
Though Toby is very naughty but sometimes very pity him also... 
Not easy handling two boys, especially if both are super naughty and bad tempered! But if other mummies can do it, I can too! Just need to rant sometimes :p 

Poor boy fell on the road the other day... He tried to run like his big brother and cousin sister. Guess he tripped and hurt his nose! Seeing the wound makes me super heartache!! T_T
But he is getting much better already, guess it's part of the growing process~~ 

Nap once during daytime so his sleeping time is quite consistent and predictable at night (about 9 something to 10pm).
Sometimes he wakes up kinda early, as if he wants to follow his daddy to work =_=
Still wake up once during midnight, well sometimes. This boy just won't let me sleep through the night.... 

Shall come back with more proper updates! Soon I hope!


  1. My mother applied tiger balm on my sister's pacifier to wean off in just one day!!

    Your sons will sure fight like how my brother and I did. He played Cowboys & Red Indians with me and I always had to be the Red Indian to be shot dead all over again. So get the rotan ready and hang it by the door as a reminder to them. It worked on us! Wakakaka

    1. Hmm, may be I can give it a try too! Haha!

      Well, I can foresee that, boys will be boys, no fight won't grow up one ;p

  2. How times flies, gonna 18 months liao, and soon, will be 2 years old liao...

    1. Yep, and mummy I also become older =_=

  3. Yes, Toby boy is very cute. So kesian he fell down...

    1. Ya, but now ok already, back to his naughty self ;)

  4. Aiyorrrrrr!!!! poor thing, the nose. Hugsssss, kesian lah!

  5. Or poor thing, must be painful.

  6. Aiyo poor boy. I see his nose oso I heartache.

    The last pic is so cute. My boys like to wear anything on their head but when I tell them wear a cap, they'll take it off >_<

    1. Ya, memang heartache!

      Haha same here, they just don't like cap!

  7. 转眼间Toby也一岁半了!

    1. 对啊!时间过得好快!


  8. Wow 18 months now. Time flies.

  9. 男孩子比较活泼好动,你要一打二也蛮耗精力,不过陪着孩子们一天天长大,就是你生活最大的动力吧!!

    1. 嗯,真的很耗精神啊!

  10. Love the 1st photo of you and him. Both are super naughtily cute. Haha.

    Poor boy. Hurt his nose. But boys are like that. Naughty and tend to hurt themselves more.

    1. Thanks Rose.

      Yep, boys are born to be rough and active one...

  11. aiyo....sayang .... so big cut on the nose. hope now okay liao

  12. I sakit hati to see Toby's nose but I guess it is all part of the growing up process and the nose will heal very fast.


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