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Of Zoo Taiping & dinner

Hi world! *wipe spider web*😏

It feels like ages since I last came here, I do miss blogging and blog hopping! Too bad time is really not enough for me, was busy with the kids last few weeks cause both of them were sick >.<

Anyway, glad that both are alright now, but I am still that busy hahaha!!
Do give me some times to visit your blogs ya ^^

Hubby and I planned to bring the kids to zoo Taiping since last month and finally we made it few weeks ago. This is Aden's second visit and Toby's first ;)

Mr daddy aka the chauffeur
I remembered Toby got a mild fever that time, but he sweat a lot during the visit and fever gone after we went home xD

Toby: Let's go! 
But trip to zoo this time was a bit disappointing. Because a lot of animals were missing! (Or may be hiding somewhere ...) The last visit to zoo Taiping was fine, but now, what happened??
Mr crocodile busy sleeping...
And Mr chimpanzee was too far away to spot
Some parts of the playground was a bit dirty
But the…

Toothspa promotion is here again! Toothspa 优惠!!

The response for the previous Toothspa promotion was overwhelming!

And now I am bringing you another great news!

Toothspa is having another promotion from now until 17th Nov!

Buy 2 boxes for just RM 110!! Normal price is RM 65 per box, so with this promotion you can save up to RM 20! And I am offering free shipping within Malaysia.

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Another date with crabs & lobsters

The last trip eating crabs & lobsters at Straight Quay Penang was written HERE.


Ordered two sets of spicy types~~ 
Wallop everything ;))
Since the food were spicy, the kids could only eat the french fries and mantao
Then took a quick stroll outside the restaurant.

Weather was kinda nice that day

Actually the cruise behind us is much more interesting xD

Happy boy!
Aden with gugu~

My 2 little men~ 

Leaving Straight Quay, we headed to Batu Feringhi.
Thinking to just take a stroll by the beach, mana tahu the kids sat down directly in the water >.< (I din't bring their clothes LOL) At the end, both have to be naked while we were on the way home xD Luckily there are scarf and jacket in the car to cover them a bit haha!

【合作文】璨研维他命b群+铁 我要美美


我觉得全职妈妈就是有做不完的工(至少我是这样啦,其实我每天都在祈祷上天可以变另一个我出来 xD),加上要照顾两个可爱活泼的小朋友,再来就是兼顾我的网卖生意,真的少一些力气和精神都不能啊!!


 æ¥è‡ªå°æ¹¾çš„BHK‘s 璨研维他命b群+铁
 BHK's 有的是养颜和健康的产品哦!
这个璨研维他命b群+铁的特色是在于 好吸收,安全性高,活性稳定,不刺激和无恶心感哦!

身体如果缺乏b群,我们就会特别容易累。我相信大部分人都会这样吧? 现在的生活习惯和饮食习惯都和以前不一样了。大部分的人都晚睡早起,熬夜,睡眠不够,白天打瞌睡,三餐不规律和生活紧张压力。 我承认我是晚睡早起的人,其实我也不想的。。。 不过我通常都得等小瓜们睡了我才能做我自己的事情,这样才能安心睡觉啊。 Toby 仔偶尔还会起来讨夜奶喝,所以我每天就感觉不够睡,黑眼圈眼袋都慢慢深了,脸色和嘴唇有时会很苍白呢!T_T
铁不足的话呢会导致我们慢半拍、爱生气、有气無力、面有菜色和代谢不足哦! 自从生了Toby 我有发现我的记忆力越来越差!明明想要做某某事的,一转头又忘了!!:0 再来就是脾气方面。照顾两个瓜我真的没办法有好脾气。弟弟一天一天长大了,模仿能力越来越强,也开始有自己的脾气,一不喜欢就会哭闹大喊,甚至和哥哥抢东西~ 哥哥又不会让弟弟。。。 每天就是这样抢东西,互相欺负,哭闹等等,叫我怎能有好脾气不生气啊? 不过我都告诉自己尽量尽量忍,我都在慢慢improve着啦~~ :p

内在养颜No 1! 不化妆也ok!其实我自己95%的时间都是素颜的 xD 只有特别的日子或要出席宴会才会化妆,我深信我们的肌肤也要呼吸,每天把厚厚的化妆品涂在脸上不大好吧?