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Another date with crabs & lobsters

The last trip eating crabs & lobsters at Straight Quay Penang was written HERE.


Ordered two sets of spicy types~~ 

Wallop everything ;))

Since the food were spicy, the kids could only eat the french fries and mantao

Then took a quick stroll outside the restaurant.

Weather was kinda nice that day

Actually the cruise behind us is much more interesting xD

Happy boy!

Aden with gugu~

My 2 little men~ 

Leaving Straight Quay, we headed to Batu Feringhi.

Thinking to just take a stroll by the beach, mana tahu the kids sat down directly in the water >.<
(I din't bring their clothes LOL)
At the end, both have to be naked while we were on the way home xD Luckily there are scarf and jacket in the car to cover them a bit haha!

Since they were already wet, just let them enjoy la!

To be honest, I have never bring them to beach before, I mean the real beach.
Both of them seems very enjoy, refused to leave somemore :p

My current hp wallpaper <3
(It was a hot afternoon, but it rain right after we left =_= Weather is really unpredictable these days huh?!)



  1. Wah! So much fun and happiness in Penang. I used to be like the kids and jumped into the waters. In the end I had to cover with bags to dry up.

    1. Haha, got bags to cover up still ok wert! :p

  2. Did they pester you to bring them to the beach again? hehe...

    1. Erm, not really, but when I asked Aden if he would like to go again, his answer is YES ;)

  3. 哈哈哈即兴到需要裸着身子回家哈哈哈!想玩就玩就是了哈哈!还好有得遮xD 愉快的亲子天。

    1. 真的还好有jacket可以穿一下,要不然会感冒啦!xD

  4. The seafood looks great. I wanna try one day if got chance. Your two boys are always so cute!

    1. Yea, can go Penang jalan jalan too ;)

  5. Lovely place, love to see your two boys together, they look so close and loving. I guess they do fight sometimes, boys will be me and my brother, a year older than me. Fought all the time and both got rotan-ed by my mum. LOL!!!

    1. But they fight a lot also, haha! Well, that's siblings la right? When young sure bully each other and fight one...

  6. Hi~ i think first time comment here.
    I am also from Taiping, and we have mutual friend too.
    But currently stay in KL, everytime visit your blog i miss my hometown so much. But with 3 months old baby now abit challenge to travel back. T.T
    Been followed your blog quiet some time..Toby grow up so fast!!
    Good that kids enjoy the natural, brave enough to play on beach also. Some city boy never like to explore to natural.
    The last photo is full of love.
    Chao and have a nice day^^

    1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by!
      Taiping is sure a great place to stay, though it doesn't has much entertainment like other bigger cities.

  7. You manyak kaya leh... eat lobster 2x when I staying in Penang also 0x... >.<

  8. Your kids are more grown already, Hayley especially the younger one. Kids really grow up fast.. LOL... and I didnt know that Straits Quay has one restaurant which serves with plastic mat already! :)

    1. Yes, kids grown up fast, their mummy also became older liao, LOL!
      You can go try next time since you go Penang quite frequently =)

  9. Your boys are so brave, not afraid of the sea. Nice food! I have not eaten them this way.

    1. May be they are still too young to scare of the sea? Haha!

  10. Relaxing holiday in Penang. Love your photos.

    I did tasted lobsters when I were in Penang back in 1999. So fresh.....grilled, I remember.

    1. Thanks Rose.

      That was many years ago lo! ;)

  11. I never bring my kids for crabs because they have no patient waiting for me to eat. Best not to bring cos spoil my appetite when I keep getting whining from them while eating. ahaha

    1. Mine also, so we adults take turns to eat while looking after them.

  12. Kids sure cannot resist water playing :P
    This call 先斩后奏,玩了才说,哈哈!

    1. Haha yalo, but its ok la as long as they are happy...

  13. Nice trip to Pg.. both kids and parents had fun!! Yo...

  14. I love crabs but Ethan cant eat it. So we reserve crabs for really special occassions and make sure Ethan has something else to eat if I were to eat crabs and lobsters only.

    1. Yes, must always prepare something else for the kids to eat.

  15. 我也喜欢最后一张!孩子就是抗拒不了戏水,逮到好的机会了!

  16. Yummy!

    And what a great family trip. :)

  17. Thanks for sharing ya! I must go for the Crabs and lobsters as I am going to Penang for a short getaway.


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