Friday, November 25, 2016

Of Zoo Taiping & dinner

Hi world! *wipe spider web*😏

It feels like ages since I last came here, I do miss blogging and blog hopping! Too bad time is really not enough for me, was busy with the kids last few weeks cause both of them were sick >.<

Anyway, glad that both are alright now, but I am still that busy hahaha!!
Do give me some times to visit your blogs ya ^^

Hubby and I planned to bring the kids to zoo Taiping since last month and finally we made it few weeks ago. This is Aden's second visit and Toby's first ;)

Mr daddy aka the chauffeur

I remembered Toby got a mild fever that time, but he sweat a lot during the visit and fever gone after we went home xD

Toby: Let's go! 

But trip to zoo this time was a bit disappointing.
Because a lot of animals were missing! (Or may be hiding somewhere ...)
The last visit to zoo Taiping was fine, but now, what happened??

Mr crocodile busy sleeping...

And Mr chimpanzee was too far away to spot

Some parts of the playground was a bit dirty

But the kids don't mind at all.... =_="

The only family photo that morning.
Kinda tired already cause it was a hot morning, and we walked a lot.
Not many photos taken, busy chasing the 2 running kids~~

We spent about 2 hours in the zoo, yea a very quick one cause as I said, a lot of animals were missing so nothing much to see also.
Not really worth visiting the zoo at the moment... 
Anyway, if you are interested, you may click HERE to learn about the ticket pricing and all. 

Spending time with family is important, spending time with friends is equally important too ;)

Attended a dinner gathering few days ago, organized by my dance class instructor. We are taking a 6 weeks break from dancing from today since our instructor is going back to her hometown, so it's good to have a dinner gathering before we meet again next year ;)

Chit chatting while eating with these ladies was fun! I din't think about my kids during the 3 hours dinner LOL!
Seriously need more ME time like this <3

On the table that night was some very common home-alike cooking so nothing to shout about~

But we all had a great time catching up with each other. To my dear dancing members, see you all next year!


  1. You are a good mama to spend quality time with the kids and good friends as well. As I mentioned before that all the dying patients often had regrets that they didn't have friends when they were sick and dying. They were too busy working and caring for own families. You have a well balanced and taking the middle paths. Just increase your ME time lah and ask hubby to babysit. Heh heh...

    1. Thanks for the compliment TM, I just think life is too short, so must do things that we wish to do while we still can ;)

      Ask hubby to babysit?? Tak boleh harap la! End up my MIL is the one who babysit...

  2. Great outing with kids to Taiping zoo. Hahaha! I went there a few times when my girls were still a toddler.

    1. Now ask you to go you sure say no... Haha! Nothing much to see, plus it is so HOT!

  3. The 1st photo of Toby look exactly like Aden
    U have a pair of twins with different age XD
    Aiyo, what happen to Zoo Taiping, once a proud tourism spot for Taiping lang.
    Hope they will improve on my next visit.
    My blog also lot of spider web XP
    really busy with a 4 months baby, so cant imagine u with 2 boys.
    Anyway, Happy weekend ^^

    1. Some say they look different now ;)

      Ya, poor maintenance la! But every weekend still lots of people wo!

  4. That was a nice outing with your family. Times sure flies, huh? Toby is now walking (and I am sure he runs too hah..hah..) when short while ago he was a baby. I see that you had a nice makan gathering with your friends. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I envy your ME time. I wonder when will I ever get to do that and if I eventually gets to do it, will I ever be able to eat in peace and not think about them? LoL. Susah la me..

  6. Nice outing with your family and gathering with your dancing members ya...

  7. Nice bonding time with your family and nice gathering with your dancing members

    We all need a balanced lifestyle, busy yet have some me-time and time with friends

  8. glad to hear that both your boys have recovered now. good that you and your husband took the time to bring them to the zoo. although didnot see many animals but it is nice for them to run around in a different environment.

  9. the food at your gathering looks good since i seldom eat mussels in home cooked meals. hope you will get more me time as you wish.

  10. Bet the kids had fun! Missing animals? So sad, quite typical of anything Malaysian, always nice at the beginning but not for long, neglect and poor maintenance.

  11. It is always good to bring kids out, explore and learn something. Zoo is a great option.

    1. Concerts are also a great option

  12. Nice to walk around the Zoo. Hmm...maybe this holiday will brg J to the zoo

  13. Ya I brought Calvin to Zoo too. Nice gathering of you and your friends.

  14. I've been to Taiping Zoo but we just took train and travel 1 round :P Weather was too hot to walk, hehe~

  15. Both big boys now.. time flies.


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