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A night stay at Cameron Highland

This trip was planned since a month ago.

Initially 4 families joined, end up just 3 families due to last minute appointment.

Hubby and I reached late evening on Saturday, while the other 2 families of friends were there since afternoon.

Straight to the apartment upon arrival, quite cold and hungry already >.<

We stayed at Rose Apartment located at Brinchang, a 2 storeys apartment with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, the kids love the staircase and we got to watch them playing with it xD

Watching TV while munching on Mimi~~

We prepared own steamboat, a perfect meal to have in the cold weather

It was drizzling that night so we couldn't go anywhere but staying in. The men had some beer themselves while the ladies busy looking after the active running kids~~

It was a cold night and supposedly one can doze off easily. Too bad I couldn't sleep at all 😑
I was actually quite tired but just couldn't sleep, probably because I miss my own bed :( I think it has been quite some times since I last suffered from insomnia. Anyway luckily my kids had no problems.

So I got up very early the next morning *yawn*
After getting ready we were all ready to check out.

Cheeky fella

Toby: Mummy I don't want to go! 😛

Dear mummies friends~

A nice greenery view behind us

A must-have group photo before we left!

Personally, I am quite satisfied with the apartment though it's a bit old.
The whole apartment is well-equipped with necessities and the rooms are ok too. Good if you are going with a group of people.  
Most importantly I think the price is reasonable, RM400 per night, and the location is pretty good too (nearby rose farm and morning market).

One thing I would suggest to the management though, to make the apartment more child-friendly, like installing a safety gate ;)


Leaving the apartment, we had a quick walk at the nearby rose farm.

My naughty little past life lover

Very hard to get all of them to cooperate for a nice shot 😧 

We then proceed to the nearby morning market to get some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Then to Raju's Hill to had some yummy strawberry desserts!

Miss their strawberry ice cream!! 

We went into the strawberry farm to self-pick their strawberries.

I guess it was Aden's first time in self picking his favorite fruit ;) He had fun!

While little Toby had fun playing with the soil =_=

We all love their big and juicy strawberries! 
There's no charge for entrance, only on the strawberries you picked, we paid RM 30 for half kg. 
I actually want my kids to experience the fun in picking the strawberries so the money paid is worth it la!

Bought this photo with frame at RM 30, photo taken by the farm's staff.
Expensive, but never mind, good to keep as souvenir rather than buying strawberry keychain or umbrella 😜

Next station, Lavender Garden.

Seeing the beautiful lavender here makes me happy!

Had some tea break before we say bye bye Cameron!

Bought some roses home, of all the beautiful flowers my favorite is still rose 💓

We left Cameron shortly after cause the kids started to yawn already~
In fact all of us were tired, plus we got a wedding reception to attend that evening.

A few hours of dating with le hubby 😍

 Bumped into friends! 

It was rather a rush trip for us but I am thankful because we made it!! I mean most of my friends (including me) are busy with own lives and families now, we only get together during special events like CNY, so I really appreciate random gathering like this.

It is no doubt tiring tagging kids along (especially if you have 2 kids and above), our bodies aching, but I believe the memories are sweet 😏
I sure am looking forward to the next gathering ^^


  1. Your photos are lovely with all the happy faces! I have passed that apartment many times but was curious how it looked inside. Now I believe I could rent this place for its reasonable price and enjoy own steamboat too. I must make a visit there soon to see the lavender flowers!

    1. Thanks TM! Could have taken more photos but with one clingy baby with me, haih~~
      Yes, you can consider this apartment next time!

  2. Good to have random gathering like this...

  3. Oooo...nice banner!!! I love Cameron!!!

    1. Thanks STP!
      Yea I like Cameron too! But not the journey up the hill >.<

  4. Very nice outing lah. Wah, got blue rose!

  5. 三个家庭去住这样的住宿最好了,而且你这篇的住宿跟我之前与家人去金马伦住的有很像, 让我好想念我的家庭游了!!现在大家都各飞东西很难凑够这样齐人一起出游了T_T

    1. 你也不错啊!时时趴趴走的!;)
      Aden很爱吃草莓所以那天他很开心呢!连在车上睡觉也抱着那盒草莓 xD

  6. nice and 'fruitful' trip! i like such trip where we can enjoy the nature and interact with friends!

    1. Me too, natural things.. Rather than go shopping all the time haha!

  7. What a beautiful outing to the highlands! All young mommies.. sure lots to talk and share about. Nice.. I miss the days when my kids were young..

    1. Thanks Claire!
      I am sure I will miss my kids' young time when I grow older, hur hur~

  8. Wow a nice gathering you had!!

  9. What a good family trip to Cameron Highlands. It is a most treasured experience to pick strawberries and will be embedded into Aden's memory. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yep, I think he enjoyed, hope he will remember it ;)

  10. Too bad u missed the night market because of rain. I like CH purely because I like flowers and like to "borong" vegetables from there LOL

    1. Ya lo, kinda disappointed cause couldn't visit the night market.

  11. Wow! So many kids! Hee hee

    Think this is the second time you visited Lavender Garden right? I have not been there yet

    I love roses too!

    And nice new blog header, something refreshing

    1. Erm cannot remember if it's second time or third, haha!

      Thanks Libby!

  12. Sometimes outing with kids are tired but lots of memories with them.
    BTW, I like your new blog header..

    1. Yes, got good and bad also la!
      Thanks dear!

  13. The blue rose is so beautiful, this is something I've been looking for to buy for my mom.

  14. It is fun going for a getaway with friends especially if the kids are all around the same age. It is tiring at times but as long as the kids are happy, it is all worth it :)

  15. What a wonderful catching up with friends in CH. Love the blue rose.

  16. Yup...if too tired, i cant sleep too. You look lovely there . No panda eyes at all

  17. We were in Cameron too.It has been a while since I had been there and was a bit shocked to see the place has developed so much with many high buildings too.

    1. I know, saw you shared about it online ;)

  18. I love reading through a post that will make men and women think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!


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