Monday, December 19, 2016

Awesome deals!

Hi! If you don't remember, I actually own a small online business which consists of beauty products as well as some health products ;)
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This month there is some Christmas promotion which I think is very worth to invest on snd I wanna share it here.

Scroll down if you are interested.

1. Return Legacy Christmas gift set

A very nice looking gift set which contain of one bottle of 60ml H+, one 20ml activator hydro, one Fresh cleanser foam and 2 pieces of hydrating masks.
This set is worth only RM 160!

The term is to purchase/maintain RL products worth RM 425 and above ;) Don't be shocked to see the price, do the maths and you'll agree with me that it's a super deal!

2. TangBeiBei brown sugar trial packs worth only RM 25!! The trial pack includes a wooden spoon and 4 different flavors of handmade brown sugar (Rose, Ginger, Red Dates which are fixed, and another flavor you can choose between Osmanthus or Herbs).

This brown sugar are originated from Yunnan, available in 6 flavors for different functions.
It's suitable for both male and female, even for kids (with recommended consumption), young and old. The main functions are for general health, just take a cup every morning and you'll see the difference, it's way healthier and better than your ordinary teh peng or kopi peng xD 

The trial pack is perfect for those who wanna try this brown sugar but don't wanna buy a full bottle

The taste is just nice because it's not too sweet, unlike other brown sugar drink. 

This month promotion: buy two bottles (RM 176, 24 cubes) and get a glass thermos for FREE! 

3. Amask gold and stem cell mask
Buy 1 box and get second box at 30% off!!

 Please refer to this post for the details of this facial mask 

Usually I provide free shipping and free gifts for my customers (with terms of course).

Kindly drop me a comment or add me in WeChat (york_mei) if you are interested to know more about the products mentioned.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Beauty product is a good gift for Christmas and birthdays

  2. Hope this festive season will bring you more and more business!

  3. It is very sweet of you to provide free shipping and free gifts for your customers. This is a very good strategy in fact.

  4. Heard about the RL. Few friends into this. Such a good bargain.

  5. Wow Xmas offers.. good biz to you ya.

  6. Thanks for the comments dear friends!!

  7. The Christmas gift set looks so nice!


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