Friday, December 30, 2016

Last post of 2016

Only 2 more days to welcome the new year, like it or not, still have to embrace it!

Don't think I will write anymore in these 2 days so this is gonna be the last post of 2016 in Hayley & Herself's blog ;)

But first, let's see what I did during Christmas this year.

Went down South to KL with the whole in laws family and met up with my second BIL and SIL there.
Just in time for me to see some nice Christmas decorations.

Actually main purpose is to buy Aden's school necessities and to shop for CNY

Actually the happiest is the kids la! Hungry, we'll feed them. Tired, just whine and cry and got people carry already. Spot something they wanna buy? Just go to gung gung and they will get what they want. Nice to be kids kan? xD

This is the last family trip this year, looking for more trips like this next year!

Here, I would like to thank all of you who come to read and comment and supported me all this while! Sorry for not being able to blog hop so frequently, time is really not enough for me, also not so much energy to stay up late often hur hur~~

I do have a few things in mind which I hope to achieve in the coming new year, hmm may be I shall write a separate post about it.

In this new year, I wish that we can all stay healthy and happy! Til then,

Happy new year 2017! See you all next year!! 


  1. Let me the first one to wish you and your family A very Happy New Year.. May 2017 brings good luck to you.

  2. Let me be the 2nd one to wish you a very Happy & Healthy New Year 2017!

    You had such a great time with your family in KL. It is a blessing to have supportive and loving in laws! Your children are well loved by all.

  3. Happy 2017 to you and your family. Cheers!!!

  4. Hayley, wishing you and your lovely family and very Happy New Year 2017!

  5. 跑好多地方,大家都开心!

  6. Happy New Year 2017 to you and your family...

  7. Hope you had fun in KL - and here's to a happy New Year! I agree with the statement in your attached picture. =) What families want/crave is for everyone to be happy and together, that's all.

  8. Ya you are right to say that it is nice to be kids

    And yes it is important to stay healthy and happy

    Waiting for your next post on what you want to achieve

    Happy 2017 to you and your family Hayley

    I am going countdown on the last day of 2016, hope not too crowded, I think this is the first time I countdown outside

    See you next year!

  9. Happy new year and stay healty!!! my early wishes XD

  10. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  11. Happy New Year to you and the boys!

    Wah, Aden is going to school soon. Macam like yesterday he was born. Wahahaha.

    Time flies. Both boys are growing up but still have their baby fat and cuteness.

  12. Happy New Year Hayley! May the 2017 brings you all you want to have.. :)

  13. Happy New Year to you and family, Hayley!

  14. Wishing you and your family a blessed year of 2017!

  15. Thanks all for the wishes, hope you started your new year well! Let's pray this year will be a lot better for all of us!


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