Friday, December 16, 2016

XinJiGongLue magnetic mask/新肌攻略磁泥面膜分享篇

I came across this magnetic facial mask not too long ago via an online merchant and I intended to buy and use!

Lucky me, I manage to try it on my own ;)



The brand is called Xin Ji Gong Lue, a product originated from Korea

One box consist of 10 small sachets (8g each) of the mask, together with a plastic scrap (left) and the magnetic stone (right).
Use it twice a week is good enough.
 一盒里有10包磁泥面膜,附送一个刮棒还有主角 ->

Methods of use and all related details are provided at the back of the box (In mandarin) 
 所有关于面膜的资料都一一印在盒子后,绝对正品 ^^

The main functions of the mask include:
- Nourishing
- Deep cleansing
- Oil control
- Hydrating
- Brightening  
- removing soft black heads 

- 给予肌肤养分
- 深层洁净
- 补充水分
-  控油
- 提亮肤色

Now let's see how to use this magnetic mask! 


Clean your face and apply a layer of toner, then apply the mask evenly onto the face using the plastic scrap provided, and wait for 15 minutes
 面膜本身没什么重味道,就淡淡的泥味 ;)

Like this (avoiding the eyes and lips area).
Try not to touch with mask with your hands cause it will be messy and hard to rinse off.
It has just a light mud-alike scent which I believe is acceptable for most of us.

Now time to remove the mask using the magnetic stone and see how the magic begins! 

But first you have to wrap the stone with wet tissue, then place it about 1cm near to the face (do not touch the mask) and the stone will absorb the mask itself,just like a magnet! Repeat this until the mask is fully absorbed (you will need to change the wet tissue a few times)

I have uploaded a short video on how to clean the mask, I hope it's working 

This is how it looks like after the mask is being absorbed, simply amazing!! 

The stone will help to remove the mask thoroughly, but you will need to do it a few times, it's a bit time consuming compared to traditional mask where you just peel off the mask. But the result is promising~ 

After the mask is removed, you will see some cream/oil left on the face, just massage a bit and then rinse off with water and continue with your own skin care regime (you can use a facial sponge in this step, easier and cleaner)

And here's the comparison of before and after using the mask, can see my face is brighter and cleaner! I even can feel the pores are breathing better!! xD 

Here I put on only my night cream. 
One of the best feeling for me is after cleansing my face, and not to put on any make up and yet still feeling confident to selfie! xD
Our pores and skin also need to breathe right? 
 送上素颜照一张 :p 我只上了晚霜哦。

I may be busy and tired every single day but I try not to neglect my skin care because I believe it's important.
Having a good and healthy complexion makes us more confident, and it applies to both male and female! 

If you are interested in knowing more about this product, or even buy one to try, you can look for jayla87 in WeChat. 
If you do not have WeChat, fret not, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to help you ^^


 若你有兴趣了解磁泥面膜,或购买,可以加这个微信账号 (jayla87). 如果你没用微信,就留言给我吧!我会尽量帮你 ^^


  1. That's very interesting! I watched the video and quite amazing lah that the mask comes off like that.

  2. Wow!! Never seen such product before. But Korean skincare is good.

  3. Good for you to keep trying these new innovative products and showing us the process.

  4. Wow Hayley, I am impressed. You are truly very beautiful even without any make up on.

  5. Interesting isn't it? Please look for jayla if you are interested to buy, it's really nice and effective!


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