Tuesday, August 23, 2016

15 months

.... is my breastfeeding journey this time ;)

To others, 15 months could be nothing but to me, I am proud enough ^^

With Aden, it was hard cause of lack of experience and support. But with Toby, things get better. 

My initial goal was to breastfeed for first 6 months, but never expect I could continued until now.

Toby has started solid since 6 months old, and I introduced formula milk to him last month. So now, I am starting to slowly wean him off from breastmilk. Don't ask why, and don't judge me, cause I believe I already gave the best to him ^^

Breastfeeding is not easy especially in the beginning, I encountered blocked ducts, engorgement, wet shirts, even mastitis :(
Thankfully I managed to survive, with helps from experienced mamas and through the Internet. Not forgetting supports from my family members.

I am sure going to miss the lovely bonding time with Toby from now on, but I am happy at the same time that I can eat whatever I want, and wear whatever I love whenever going out, haha!!

Will I continue to breastfeed IF I have my 3rd child? Of course! ;))
It offers so many benefits to the baby as well as to the mother!

To all the wonderful breastfeeding mothers out there, you are the best!
And if you have breastfeeding friends around you, do give her a big thumbs up ya! ;)

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Tired, but fine

Not sure if it's just me or... But my life as a stay-at-home-mum is really surrounded by these 2 fellas.......
Looking after them, watch them play, watch them fight, hear them laugh, hear them cry, making food/milk for them, putting them to sleep and the list goes on and on............

But luckily, I still manage to steal some times to do things I enjoy, like dancing ;)

And also, shopping!! ;)

But first, a photo of Toby, before his haircut....

And after xD
Looks like a little monk? Somehow he looks even naughtier and cheeky with this new look... The salon auntie suggested to shave his head shorter so that the hair can grow nicer, ok fingers crossed!

Ok back to the shopping topic.
I was away to KL last weekend, mostly for shopping and makan makan la! But few days before that, Toby was sick, and I was in dilemma whether to go or not........  

Fever, and swollen throat, which leads to chesty cough :(
Big kor kor Aden also caught the sick bug........

In short, both were sick, and being their mother means I was also sick cause I couldn't sleep well. 

Anyhow, I tagged them along to KL, after seeking advice from doctor.
Parents in law wanted to bring their grandsons to KL for shopping, no reason to reject right? :p

Thank God things were under control, both enjoyed themselves.
I got a little bit of break too ;)
(Not many photos taken though)

Besides busying with the kids, I am still running my online business.

Hot mama Yannie won the Toothspa contest, head on to her blog to read what she has to say about this product ;)
She is indeed one of my supportive friend and customer! #thankyou #toothspa #teethwhiteningpowder #oralcare #dentalcare #onlinebusiness

Did a simple poster for my WeChat cover photo ;)
Haih economy not good, must do my best to earn extra income to feed my kids and myself!! :p 

I can't tell if working mama is harder or stay-at-home-mum. But one thing for sure, we are all tired!!

But no matter how tired, seeing my kids happy and healthy makes all the tiredness disappear.
They say that's parenthood, well I guess only parents will feel that. 
#parenthood #parenting #greatestlove

Ok, sending friend kisses to you! 

Thanks for reading and I shall be back!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The latest game

....... is of course the Pokemon Go!

How many of you play this game?

Well, I belong to the 1% of the population who does NOT play this game (phrase extract from Internet) xD

I am not interested (actually I am not interested in playing games, even those games in FB I don't play a single one at all, hmm am I normal? ;P), and in fact not free to play also la

Anyway though I don't play, I do know that there are some sad consequences resulted from playing Pokemon Go, like accidents and even fines.

To me, a game is to help us relax our mind or to pass time, but if one is too into a game, that's actually a very bad thing.

So for those who play this game, remember to play responsibly! 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bringing kids out on my own

Going out alone is easy and hassle free.
But with kids, that's a different story.

Bringing one kid out, on my own, a bit hassle but manageable.
Bringing two kids out, on my own, slightly more hassle and busier than the above, but still manageable for me (I learn through experience ^^).
Bringing three kids out.... I have no idea yet :p

Due to my online business, I need to send parcels frequently (sometimes to run errands), but with my two boys, sometimes it can be quite troublesome.
Sometimes I will leave them to my family members and try to get things done as quick as possible.
But I would still prefer to tag them along, cause I can take my sweet time and don't have to rush home. Well, I am the type of person who don't like to trouble others, if you know what I mean ;)

In the beginning it was kinda kelam kabut... Especially when Toby was still few months old. 
But as days past, I gain more experience so things got smoother now. I can even bring them go high tea or to the places they like, like indoor playground, haha!

 (Big brother Aden took this, not bad but yet to be improved :p)

(The crave for dessert like waffle and ice cream is high during that time of the month,  so I brought them along to fix my cravings. Unfortunately, these chocolate toast and Affogato waffle din't satisfied my craving that day.... T_T)

Actually bringing my boys out alone is not that difficult now, but my biggest concern is of course their safety. Kidnapping case is very scary these days so I always, always pay close attention. One hand carry Toby, the other hand hold Aden (Actually it is a great workout for my arms also, haha xD). 

(Toby is a very happy baby who enjoys food, no wonder he is so chubby la! Right? :p)

I love every family outing with hubby along but I too enjoy moments like this, just mother and sons time ;)