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Delivering my best wishes to you!

 In the coming year of the Rooster, I hope everyone stay healthy and wealthy and get whatever they want!
Wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!




Dinner gathering with buddies

First yee sang of 2017!! Looking and tasting very mediocre... But doesn't matter, just want to enjoy the tossing part so that everyone can borrow its meaning and become more prosperous in this coming CNY! ^^

Mummies busy feeding the kids xD Well it was actually a dinner gathering night with my friends and kids~
All of us, looking fresh before the dinner started
Our kids had grown up so much! We also becoming older already T_T
With my super clingy son!
Not easy to take a nice shot when the kids are around, but got one like this also jadi lah! :p

The meal we had that night~   A very satisfied meal!
This 佛跳墙 (fo tiao qiang) is especially to my liking so must focus a bit ;)  Kinda miss it now, especially when the weather is slightly cooling like these few days~
Yours truly and the loves of my life <3 (Toby had just recovered from fever after vaccination so he was looking tired and not in the mood that night =_=)

Counting down, CNY is just about 5 more days away!! I had done m…

Only 10 days .....

.... to the year of Rooster!! :0

Macam got a lot of things not yet done~~

How about you? What have you done and have not done for CNY?

Whatever it is, just keep calm and smile my Toby boy here, good luck will come naturally 😙
Like the Chinese says, 'xiao kou chang kai hao yun zi ran lai' 笑口常开好运自然来 ^^
Got to go first, will try to blog properly soon!!

Aden goes to kindergarten

This is my first post of 2017! Hope still ok to wish all my readers a happy new year!! 😃

After a year of honeymoon, my Aden boy is officially in kindergarten now ;)

I love their uniform, who says pink is only for girls?? xD
First day to school, he was behaving ok (except that he wants me to by his side all the time =_=)
Getting his name tag from his teacher
I enrolled him to the afternoon class, though I still think morning session would be better for me (in terms of sending and picking), but morning class will be a bit tiring for him I guess as he needs to wake up around 7 something...

First week is orientation week so they engaged mostly in singing and dancing....
... also some exercises.....
... and story telling by the teacher
... as well as playing toys...
There will be a few minutes of snack break every day
Teaching them to queue up properly before leaving the classroom. First few days were kinda messy, all kids playing and running around >.< Can imagine how th…