Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Only 10 days .....

.... to the year of Rooster!! :0

Macam got a lot of things not yet done~~

How about you? What have you done and have not done for CNY?

Whatever it is, just keep calm and smile my Toby boy here, good luck will come naturally 😙

Like the Chinese says, 'xiao kou chang kai hao yun zi ran lai'
笑口常开好运自然来 ^^

Got to go first, will try to blog properly soon!!


  1. 10 days and counting down. i just can not wait for it. i guess you and your family are all ready for it too.

  2. That's a lovely "Mummy & Baby" shot. The laughter is so warm and happy lah.

  3. I don't feel anything yet :( In this photo, Toby boy looks very much like his big bro, Aden.

  4. Aiyor!!! I'm sick, so much to do, I think I will just have to do without all the cleaning and the washing.

  5. 感觉要过了农历新年才算正式过了年,预祝你们一家在鸡年吉祥,事事顺遂。

  6. 10 days? ONLY 10 days left? OMG. I am NOT ready!

  7. Actually Chinese New Year is just like another normal day to me nowadays, not like kid time, very happy because got Ang Bao to collect and got nice food to eat

  8. Happy Chinese New Year to you Hayley!! Yes, time seems to fly... I am still playing toys in my kitchen..no housework done..hahaha

  9. Hi there!! Happy Chiness New Year to you and family.

    I couldnt wait for the long holiday. Haha.

  10. Hi Hayley, that's a very nice pic of you and baby. Cute smiles.
    Re CNY, where we are its just another normal day, unless we pop into Chinese Malls to feel the New Year atmosphere.
    Here's wishing you and family kong hei fatt choy, and all the very best wishes this coming year of the Rooster.
    Best regards,

  11. Fast eh.. not even ready, CNY already here!! *wink wink

  12. Just came back from Taiwan and busy clearing my works (weekdays) & weekends need to do some CNY shopping + house spring cleaning, tak cukup masa lah! ~>_<~

    1. Haha you traveled too close to CNY already la, next time travel weeks in advance will be better.

  13. Thanks all for the comments! CNY is getting nearer, I hope you all prepared well now ;)

  14. It is easier to list down what I have done for CNY, because there is nothing to list down. >.<


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