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A happy V-day

On Valentine's Day morning, I received a call from a florist telling me she will be sending something to me in a short while.

I knew it must be from my hubby haha! xD

An hour later, this came to my doorstep ^^
Beautiful fresh pink roses, I like! 😍 (It would be even better if they were blue roses 😁)
Actually some times ago, I hinted him that it's been a while since I last received flowers from him. I can't recall how long to be exact, probably 6-7 years ago before we got married?? Serious one.... Anyway, okay la, since he did the right thing this time muahaha!! xD 

With my little valentines, before we headed out for our candle light dinner together 

Actually the focus now is not the flowers nor me, its.....

.. this cheeky boy Aden. Nowadays not easy to take a proper shot with him, he sure makes a lot of silly faces/poses
Finally a proper one!
I used to say, fresh flowers could be a bit waste of money as they can't last long, and flowers on Valentine's Day ar…

Water fun!

Water fun for the small ones actually ;)

Always make me feel warm and sweet seeing kids photo like this! I insist on taking group photos of them whenever we go outing (although its a difficult mission haha), because kids grow up so fast!! Must take as many photos as possible to keep as memory~  Can show them when they grow up ^^
My boys, before getting wet!

It was a normal Sunday, friends and I agreed on bringing the kids to a bit of water fun in the afternoon. It was actually a stream nearby a memorial park here in Taiping, not many people know about it which is good as the place is less polluted, and not so crowded. 

My boys got very excited when they see water! I tell you they just love playing with water!
This area, the water is very very shallow. It was quite sunny but it was alright for us, thanks to those big trees surrounded the stream!
But water flowing quite fast also... And some part is kinda slippery, so better to ask him to sit down xD

I let them bring their toy car alon…

Toothspa new product! 齿贝白新产品!

Still remember the product called Toothspa which I have shared HERE, HERE and HERE ?

I have been a loyal supporter for months now, and honestly, how I felt after using it for some times?
My gum doesn't bleed anymore, and my teeth is less sensitive these days when I eat icy/sweet food.
On top of that, my teeth is now BRIGHTER!! (can definitely see the difference in before-and-after photo) Yay!

Some of you may mistaken that you have to use toothpaste again after using Toothspa powder.
The truth is you don't! Toothspa replaces your ordinary toothpaste and it's much more safer cause it's fluoride-FREE! Which means it's suitable for kids as well, and those who wear braces or artificial teeth.
It has 2 flavors which is mint and lemon, but it's not as strong as toothpaste, but still can leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean! Of course it has bubbles like toothpaste.

How to use:
Rinse your mouth, then wet your toothbrush and dip on the powder and brush like normal! I…

How I spent my CNY / 这个新年

元宵快到啦,新年也快告一段落了~  这个鸡年的开头很不错,几乎每天都往外面跑:p 有陪伴家人也有和好友们见面聊天,虽然每晚都不够睡,很累,不过就很满足!

 我的鸡年如何?一篇就搞定!不过有点长,希望大家能够耐心的看完 ^^
So, the year of Rooster has started and CNY has officially ended, time flies isn't it?! I had quite a great CNY this round, busy eating, drinking, reunion and gathering, I mean that's what CNY is all about la! ^^
It was tiring, but very enjoyable, let me share with you about my CNY this year in one post.
 和往年一样,我希望新的一年里大家都身体健康,事事顺利! My all time wish is that everyone stay healthy!

 除夕夜jgjp准备了火锅餐,邀请了一些亲戚过来聚聚。家里的小朋友最开心,吃吃喝喝还有一起抢玩具 xD Our CNY eve was quite happening, the in laws invited some relatives over for a steamboat feast. Those youngest members were the happiest, they got to eat and drink and play around~
 大年初一一定要穿红红!:D  不过听说属老鼠的年初一不宜穿红色,不管啦!我也没那么迷信。。 一家大小向jgjp问安拿了封‘大利是’后就出发去姑姑家吃面线了 (jg和姑姑们每年的习俗) Day 1 must wear red red, baru adaONG!!  Visited hubby's aunty's house early in the morning for mee sua breakfast, it's a tradition of the in laws

 下午就回娘家啦!  哥哥弟…