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A happy V-day

On Valentine's Day morning, I received a call from a florist telling me she will be sending something to me in a short while.

I knew it must be from my hubby haha! xD

An hour later, this came to my doorstep ^^

Beautiful fresh pink roses, I like! 😍
(It would be even better if they were blue roses 😁)

Actually some times ago, I hinted him that it's been a while since I last received flowers from him.
I can't recall how long to be exact, probably 6-7 years ago before we got married?? Serious one....
Anyway, okay la, since he did the right thing this time muahaha!! xD 

With my little valentines, before we headed out for our candle light dinner together 

Actually the focus now is not the flowers nor me, its.....

.. this cheeky boy Aden.
Nowadays not easy to take a proper shot with him, he sure makes a lot of silly faces/poses

Finally a proper one!

I used to say, fresh flowers could be a bit waste of money as they can't last long, and flowers on Valentine's Day are so expensive! I will always prefer cash in this case 😄
But I have to admit, I felt really happy and sweet the moment I received the flowers :)
I mean, which girl is not happy when she receives flowers? :p

With the boss, thank you my big Valentine!

One last photo just because the flowers were just too pretty!

After this, don't know have to for how long to receive another bouquet already..... hoho!

We had Japanese food as dinner that night, no photos as the food were very mediocre.  
No fancy fancy celebration, but I am thankful enough.
People say, if you are with the right person, everyday is a Valentine's Day.

You agree? =)

p/s: What did I gave him for Valentine's Day? A body massage to reward his tired muscles ;) 
Auntie here no income ma, cannot afford a present 😆😆


  1. Wah! So big bouquet of sweet roses! It really costs a bomb for that size on V-Day in KL. Maybe over RM400!! ~sweats~
    I could not stop laughing at Aden's cute faces. The brother will learn soon!

    1. Yea, really know how to make money ho?

      Haha, I also find it funny, the younger brother din't see, else he will sure follow ;)

  2. These men hor, must hint loud2 baru they will buy flowers one hah..hah.. Anyway it was very sweet of your hubby to give you a big bouquet of roses. Aiya..body massage is the best present lah...

    1. Haha, yea, but some men very romantic also geh, but not mine la, LOL!

  3. sweet of your hubby, lovely pink roses.

  4. So sweet!! Yes, on V day, the flowers are very expensive.. next time hint on your birthday, cheaper ma.. hahahaa.. then every year can get one bouquet.. agree with you, once they dry up, dont know whether to throw or to keep... hahaha

    1. Ok, I shall try to ask for another bouquet of flowers during my birthday this Oct, muahaha!

  5. Maybe next round hint him smaller banquet of flower + cash, hehe...

  6. Who doesn't like flowers, lovely roses from your hubby

  7. Thoughtful hubby. I wouldnt mind a bouquet from my hubby. Long time no flowers from him. haha. Maybe I should hint to him like what you did and see what happen. Lol.

    1. Same here, it's been many years since he last gave me flowers :p
      Yes, try it, and share with us then ^^

  8. Wah, your husband is so generous to give you roses on Valentine's day because they are so expensive so he sure deserves a body massage from you. Aden is so cute making all those cheeky faces.

    1. Correct, fresh flowers are really expensive during V day.

  9. If marries the right hub, everyday is a V Day to you. You've got the right one though. So forget about the flowers la. haha..

    1. Thanks!
      But still very sweet when receiving the flowers ;)

  10. That is so sweet of your hubby. Aden is indeed very cheeky. Love to see his many expression :D

    1. Thanks Merryn, you have a happy family!

  11. njhl,我老公一点表示也没有反而女儿放学时有说要买花给妈咪。但我也不要花啦,折现比较好,哈哈!

    1. 那也很好啊!女儿是比较贴心的 =)


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