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Water fun!

Water fun for the small ones actually ;)

Always make me feel warm and sweet seeing kids photo like this!
I insist on taking group photos of them whenever we go outing (although its a difficult mission haha), because kids grow up so fast!! Must take as many photos as possible to keep as memory~ 
Can show them when they grow up ^^

My boys, before getting wet!

It was a normal Sunday, friends and I agreed on bringing the kids to a bit of water fun in the afternoon. It was actually a stream nearby a memorial park here in Taiping, not many people know about it which is good as the place is less polluted, and not so crowded. 

My boys got very excited when they see water! I tell you they just love playing with water!

This area, the water is very very shallow.
It was quite sunny but it was alright for us, thanks to those big trees surrounded the stream!

But water flowing quite fast also... And some part is kinda slippery, so better to ask him to sit down xD

I let them bring their toy car along

That's what I say about difficult mission in taking photo of the kids, they just have their own poses and positions....

If you notice behind us, the water is deeper (until our knee level), and there are many pebbles in it, hubby said better to let the kids stay here instead

Here's my friend Cheery with his family

And Cindy

And Annie

We brought food and drinks there, yea a little picnic xD
Need not worry our food and bags get stolen by others because we had a guard there hahaha!!

Water playing can be tiring, my boy KO in the car while we were on the way back home (actually it was way past his normal nap time already) 

I sure look forward to more outings like this, as the kids get to learn more and expose to mother nature.
Wonder when is the next trip? *fingers crossed*


  1. After the trip, did the kids pester you, ask you when are you going to bring them there again?

  2. Kids! They all love to play in the water. My girl would insist on staying in hotels with swimming pools and even though she was shivering, she would never want to get out of the water.

    1. Haha, my boys also, play until sneezing already still refuse to leave.

  3. You are so clever to take group photos of them so that when they grow up, the friendship bonding would still continue.

    1. Yes TM, this is something I never miss to do ;)

  4. I love taking kids' photos but always hard to get everyone looking at your camera. Haha.

    Water and fun. Kids' favourite.

    1. True, very challenging task, have to wait for them to grow older to know how to take photos...

  5. For the recent scorching weather, water play session like this defintely very syiok for both adults and kids!

  6. Looks like the adults and the kids have a wonderful time there!

  7. My nephew also likes to play with water, sometimes when we shower him, he is unwilling to get out of shower and will cry (naughty boy).

    1. My youngest son is the same, loves playing with water!

  8. Both adults and children are having water fun.. good!!

  9. 走出户外去嬉水,凉快之余也很让孩子们嗨翻。我一直想安排带孩子去瀑布,看来要好好抓紧时间表了!!

    1. 嗯嗯,好好安排吧!期待你的分享!

  10. wow...i love playing with water. Cant wait to bring my little piggie to go play water too. I wonder when baby can start to swim?

    1. Depends on babies.. Some say 3 months old and above is ok already (with the helps of float and parent's assistance)

  11. Ya saw you posted photos in FB...good outing and nice weather too

    1. Yep, weather was quite nice that day.

  12. Kids love to play with water and the little ones look so adorable in a group!

    1. Haha yea, I agree, they all look very cute there!

  13. The first photo is so cute! This is such a lovely outing. Nice to bring the kids to enjoy nature.

    1. Agree, else stay at home also boring right?

  14. The children must be so happy playing in the water. Good that you all bring them to play together so that they can get to be friends with each other.

    1. I think when they grow up, they will become good friends ;)


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