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Dirty mum

I actually don't mind my kids being dirty once a while..... :p

Like the photo above, taken prior to their bath time, big brother roll his body on the wet floor (rain just stopped). Little brother saw it and automatically followed.

What came to my mind when I saw it, not yelling at them asking them to stand up, instead was to quickly bring out my phone and capture this. I just feel the scene is so sweet and cute, haha!

Sometimes, I also let them play with those soil and sand outside my mum's house, it's no doubt a bit dirt/smelly but I think it's ok, just for a while. After that, bath them clean.

How about you? Are you a clean freak parents or a dirty parents like me?? 😛

All good things came to an end

It was a Thursday, a sad Thursday.

Because I received this Whatsapp from my dance instructor in the morning 😢
None of us expected this.
You see, my dance instructor is a school teacher herself in one of the small town in Perak.  Teaching dance class is her part time come interest.
So it happens that she was being transferred to Kampar and thus she has to close down the dance lessons.
Like it or not, we all had to accept it.

Due to the sudden and short notice, I had no idea what to prepare for her as a farewell gift.
End up, I bought this scented soap bouquet for her, a small token of appreciation from me

That evening, also the last class, a few of us attended, we danced our hearts out during that one hour and took some photos after that.

Posing with some of the props we used during the dance lessons

I joined the dance class in Dec 2015, which is also the beginning of the dance lesson. Within this 15 months, I learn several dance moves like tango, cha cha, line dance, body combat, b…

Childhood memory

Remember this thing?
Bubble balloon (Any other proper name?) I got this box at RM2, about 24 small tubes inside.
My kids' first time playing with this haha!
They are quite interested at first, too bad the balloon melted too quickly so they seems to lose interest after that~
I remember playing this very often when I was a child. And I also remember the tube was bigger back then, and quality was so much better compared to now!
This box I bought, one tube can only blow 2 balloons, and the balloons melted very quickly =_= And the glue scent is quite strong so I din't let them blow actually. Sigh, what to do right? With the economy now, you know I know la >.<
Nonetheless, we all had fun still ;)