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Dirty mum

I actually don't mind my kids being dirty once a while..... :p

Like the photo above, taken prior to their bath time, big brother roll his body on the wet floor (rain just stopped). Little brother saw it and automatically followed.

What came to my mind when I saw it, not yelling at them asking them to stand up, instead was to quickly bring out my phone and capture this. I just feel the scene is so sweet and cute, haha!

Sometimes, I also let them play with those soil and sand outside my mum's house, it's no doubt a bit dirt/smelly but I think it's ok, just for a while. After that, bath them clean.

How about you? Are you a clean freak parents or a dirty parents like me?? 😛


  1. Good that they do that, if too clean, they will not build the resistance, will fall sick for even the slightest reason. Let them enjoy, kids will be kids, the time of their lives - can always bathe and wash once they have had enough.

    1. I agree, sometimes being too clean is not that good also.

  2. I have a colleague, "too clean" till the kid fall sick often...

  3. Hahaha, like that called dirty? I play in the rain too when I was small with my brother (parents was not around).

  4. LOL! It's great to have a mum who blogs because when you do something cheeky she will consider it as blog material and not scold you :D Actually it is good for kids to be exposed to dirt because it helps them build up their immune system.

  5. You are a cool mother! After rain, no so dirty, right?

  6. It is ok to expose them to a bit of dirt to build up their immune system, too clean or hygienic also no good

  7. 我可以接受孩子尽兴玩,用身体感受大地,限制太多反而抹杀了他们的创意。

  8. I dont mind but will quickly rush the kids to bath and clean themselves. Cannot be too clean and free of germs any way.

    1. Me also, rushed them to bath after that, else might catch cold.

  9. yea, once a while is ok to build up their immune system...otherwise hard to survive when travelling in other!

    1. True, must make them get used to it ;)

  10. City kids are seldom can get contact with sand or mud, so I will just let Sam play with it whenever got chance :)

  11. 我可以接受孩子这样玩,不过孩子还在口腔期的时候就会随时把关清洁哈哈哈哈!我女儿最喜欢玩她阿公养的乌龟!

    1. 当然卫生还是最重要啦!嘻嘻!

  12. hahha... kids are having fun. That's most important. As for washing the baju...headache

  13. 好~~~~~~~~~~阔的地上,我也看不到什么'dirty'咯~~~~XXDDDDD

    1. Haha, because I can't think of a better title xD

  14. The boys are so cute! My mum would scream each time I rolled on the floors outside and swam inside the monsoon floods in Thailand.

    1. Haha, I think my mum will scream too if she sees me like this :p


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