Friday, April 21, 2017

Family vacation in Penang

Throwback to 2 weeks ago ;)

Drove my parents and sons to Penang to meet my brother who flew from Singapore, and spent a night there.

Hello Penang, smooth ride at Penang 2nd bridge.
It was a nice sunny morning!

Walked around Queensbay mall before having our lunch

My happy boy!

We had lunch at Friday's and we got a brownie for free because it was my brother's birthday!

The kids were the happiest whenever they see birthday cake and candle xD

Belated happy birthday my dear brother!! Wishing you all the best!! We love you!!

Then it took us an hour to get to Batu Feringgi due to heavy traffic at the town area, lucky both kids were asleep in the car, I can drive with peace of mind. 

Checked in to Park Royal resort, and without wasting times, we went straight to the pools!

Swimming and playing with water are definitely my sons' favorite thing to do

Here's my kids with their favorite uncle, thanks uncle for the nice treat! ;)

Thank God for the nice weather! Can tell it was very hot eh?
But we prefer this over rainy day!

Aden couldn't wait to go to the beach though I told him it was really hot....

So we had some sun tanning session at the beach.....

Aden enjoyed the waves, while Toby enjoyed throwing wet sand all over the place haha!

It was really hot, but seeing their happy faces, worth it also la
Hubby couldn't join due to busy working schedule :(

I myself love the sea too! 

A lot of people playing parasailing, I can only watch from the beach... Next time, next time I'll sure have a go!!

With the people I love <3

We managed to catch some nice sunset scenes while having our dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant.

What a beautiful and calming view!

My dear parents and their grandsons, everyone is looking tired....

Including myself....

Saw a few men riding horses, Toby kept on saying 'hor' (he means horse ;p) after that...

Dinner was very mediocre, but expensive... Well what can we expect, it's a tourist place after all

We planned to walk at the nearby night market but unfortunately it was drizzling out there. Luckily there's a indoor playground to kill time.

Aden and Toby knocked off quite early that night, too tired already haha!

The next morning, Toby woke up early, while his kor kor still in dreamland~~

We had breakfast at the resort, and walked around the resort before dipping into the pool again....

Hello Sunday!

Last dip before we checked out!


Another quick trip at the playground, before we say bye bye!

I was rather tired, because I din't sleep well, blame it to my hormones, I usually have difficulties sleeping in hotels T__T
Anyway, must stay awake cause have to drive back to Taiping.... 

It was a short trip instead, but we all enjoyed the moments we spent together! I miss the beach now, desperately want another holiday like this again!

Friday, April 14, 2017

A random post to welcome the weekend

A random wefie to start the post!

For those who knows me well, I enjoy food a lot ;)
And I am the kind of person who can gain weight easily :(
I am aware of this, but I always say 'eat first lose weight later' haha xD
I mean life is too short to always just think about losing weight la right? There are so many temptations out there so why limit ourselves? 

Anyway, I also stay true to 'output must always be greater than input' so I make sure I exercise weekly, currently attending Tabata and Yoga every week to help shaping up the body.
I wish to lose another 2-3kg heheh! 

What about you? How do you stay fit?

On a side note, these 2 brothers are still that cheeky and naughty as always~
 They are cute when they behave, but when they start to throw tantrum..... (I don't even wanna talk about that....)

Ok, got to attend to them now!
Til then, have a happy and safe weekend!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quick tour at Perak museum

I mean a really quick one, haha! Guess just about 40 minutes?

It was a Tuesday, school closed due to Qing Ming so I brought my sons for a quick tour at the museum. It was Aden's second visit and Toby's first.

For your information, this Perak museum is the oldest museum in Peninsular Malaysia.
Entrance fees is RM2 for adults, free admission for children below 12 years old.
Operating hours is 9am-6pm daily.

Ok let's go!

Kor kor's photography skill not bad eh? :p

The boys are more interested in the nature gallery, which they exhibit animals and fishes.
Toby got really excited ;)

It was a wise decision to go on weekday, not many visitors, in fact just us that time haha! So they can run and I don't have to worry too much :p

On the first floor is the cultural village, they are too young to understand that so we just walk one round and leave. Plus it was a bit spooky, the room is darker with mannequins and masks display... hehe~

There are some 3D wall paintings inside as well

 On the outside, there's a small area which exhibits some antique cars and trishaw

Also a jet....

... and a train 

There is also an outdoor playground for children at the back of the museum, as well as a small corner of souvenir shop (din't manage to take photo)

Let's wefie before leaving!

Leaving the museum we went to the nearby McD to feed our grumbling tummies! That's our mother-and-sons 2 hours morning activity! I like! ^^

Though museum can be a bit boring for many of us, I would say it's a good idea to bring the kids there, at least once la

For more details about Perak museum please visit their website HERE.