Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quick tour at Perak museum

I mean a really quick one, haha! Guess just about 40 minutes?

It was a Tuesday, school closed due to Qing Ming so I brought my sons for a quick tour at the museum. It was Aden's second visit and Toby's first.

For your information, this Perak museum is the oldest museum in Peninsular Malaysia.
Entrance fees is RM2 for adults, free admission for children below 12 years old.
Operating hours is 9am-6pm daily.

Ok let's go!

Kor kor's photography skill not bad eh? :p

The boys are more interested in the nature gallery, which they exhibit animals and fishes.
Toby got really excited ;)

It was a wise decision to go on weekday, not many visitors, in fact just us that time haha! So they can run and I don't have to worry too much :p

On the first floor is the cultural village, they are too young to understand that so we just walk one round and leave. Plus it was a bit spooky, the room is darker with mannequins and masks display... hehe~

There are some 3D wall paintings inside as well

 On the outside, there's a small area which exhibits some antique cars and trishaw

Also a jet....

... and a train 

There is also an outdoor playground for children at the back of the museum, as well as a small corner of souvenir shop (din't manage to take photo)

Let's wefie before leaving!

Leaving the museum we went to the nearby McD to feed our grumbling tummies! That's our mother-and-sons 2 hours morning activity! I like! ^^

Though museum can be a bit boring for many of us, I would say it's a good idea to bring the kids there, at least once la

For more details about Perak museum please visit their website HERE.


  1. you are very keng! can bring two boys on an outing all on your own. toby hugging aden is nice. aden knows how to take good pjhotos too. very informative trip to the museum. fun for the boys!

    1. As long as they both cooperate, I can bring them out no problem.
      Ya, I have to say Aden really can take photos these days, haha!

  2. If possible, I also prefer Weekday as not crowded...

  3. Is this in Taiping? That's a nice place, sure would love to drop by and browse around if I ever get the chance.

  4. This is a nice and good educational visit to the museum for the kids

  5. 我一个都不敢带出门了。控制不到我会很累XP

  6. Taiping really alot interest places to roam around.
    Especially with kids.
    I cant wait my little piggie grow so that i can bring her to my childhood memory playground, zoo and so on.
    BTW, last time i also not interested to visit the museum, although passed by everyday XD
    Proud to be Taiping Lang~

  7. 门票好便宜啊!!这样带孩子去走走好不错~

  8. That was such a happy and educational outing!
    When I was at that age, my father didn't allow me to touch his camera as we had to use films back then. Nowadays, it is cheap to shoot photographs for free!!

  9. shioknyer lepak with two handsome/cute kids! they seems to enjoy the outing!


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