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Cheeky summer cafe

If you have not been to Taiping, well let me tell you it's actually a small town in Perak, but it's developing quite well these few years.
One thing I notice, is the existence of more and more cafes in town.

Great for all Taiping people, no need to complain that there's not many choices to hang out already xD

One recent cafe I love is this, Cheeky Summer. Located in the city area.

(photo taken from its' FB)  The interior is not very outstanding to be honest, but it's what they serve that matters most I guess ;)

It's said to be the first juice and smoothie bar in Taiping!
They serve 100% pure fruit juice with no sugar, water and preservatives added.

So yea, it's a healthy choice for everyone! They offer several juice choices for different functions like boosting immune system, weight lost, healthy skin and many more! One bottle like this cost about RM16, and if you bring back the bottle on your next purchase, you are entitle an RM1 discount ;) 

And recently,…

I am fine...

... just busy 😅

I really want to blog and blog hop every week but time is really not enough!

I remember when I was working few years ago, I could at least blog during lunch hour, or when workload wasn't that heavy, or when boss was not around.
But after being a full time mum, it seems almost impossible because both kids and house chores have taken most of my times!! 😱

Anyway, just wanted to show face and let whoever still reading this know that I am doing fine =)

I dedicate most of my times to them, no regrets no complaints ;)
Notice the necklace I was wearing? It was a craft work from Aden at school for Mother's Day. There's a number 8 written on it. I asked him why 8 and not other numbers? I was thinking he might says that because his mummy is 'sam pat' (三八) xD But his answer is, because 8 is his favorite number! Phew! Lucky! Hahaha!! (I think too much xD)

Ever since he went to kindergarten, he has improved a lot and I am really thankful and relieved!   Though …

The unwelcomed birthday presents

(Note: Quite a long post, I skipped my afternoon nap to write this so please read everything ya!! xDD)

Past 2 weeks were really exhausting for me.

It all started on 20th April when Aden developed a mild fever, he was tired and sleepy, I let him skipped school for 2 days.

He seldom takes afternoon nap, when he does, it means he is not feeling well :(

The next day, it was Toby's turn😢
Poor boy, his temperature reached 39° and it was on and off~
Then I notice he started to have these cute double eyelids for a few days~ Haha not sure why~
He was feeling really unwell, very lethargic, no appetite and super duper clingy to me!

Then both brothers started to cough badly 😢😢 
So on the 25th, I brought them to the pediatrician again.  He examined both boys and suspected it could be pneumonia and even dengue (because their fever were on and off). Suggested to get admitted right away.
I wasn't sure if that's necessary because I knew once admitted, have to stay for at least 5 days (h…