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不知不觉Aden 上幼稚园也有半年多了~

上了学校,节目自然而然也多了~ 就像上个星期的家长日~




 。。 和敬茶。。。



 真的觉得我的大宝贝长大了!  虽然很想念他小时候的样子不过孩子总要长大嘛 (要不然咧 哈哈!!xD)

 Aden也接触了不少手工~ 父亲节那天在学校做了手工卡送给爸爸~

 前两个星期我也去领了他的成绩报告单 (才5岁就开始考试了,天啊!我才发现以前的我们有多么幸福!现在的教育实在不简单!可怜了孩子们~)


 致我的大宝Aden, 妈妈没有要求你考的很优秀很优秀。只重要尽力了,乖乖听话,懂事就好。 还有就是少点发脾气,多让弟弟,嘻嘻嘻!!

Trip to KL

6th June 2016

Our first ETS ride down south to KL.

My first ride too haha! Overall the ride was ok, except that both Aden and Toby kept running to and fro in the train >.< Luckily after that Toby napped a while, at least some peace of mind for me and other passengers xD

One thing nice traveling to KL is we don't have to spend on hotels ;))  We usually just stay at BIL's condo, with swimming pool which happens to be both kids' favorite.

Had a quick walk at OneU on the first night~
Bought a water tumbler for Aden at the transformer fair, while Toby was still too young to ask for toys haha! (Which is good for us ^^)

My favorite is always Bumbleebee~

While Aden's is Optimus Prime. 2 more days to the release of Transfomer movie! Can't wait!!
Woke up late the next morning~ 
That's what we called, sleep in style =)

Then brought the kids to Jungle Gym located at Atria Mall.
I promised to bring Aden to this place during the March school break, but we din'…

Happy weekend!

Hello Tuesday!

It's the last week of school break, we din't go anywhere in particular for the passed week... >.<

Anyway today, we are going for a short trip down South, it's the boys' first ETS train ride! (Actually mine too haha xD)
Shall blog again next week!
You have a great Tuesday ya!! -xoxo-