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Trip to KL

6th June 2016

Our first ETS ride down south to KL.

My first ride too haha! Overall the ride was ok, except that both Aden and Toby kept running to and fro in the train >.<
Luckily after that Toby napped a while, at least some peace of mind for me and other passengers xD

One thing nice traveling to KL is we don't have to spend on hotels ;)) 
We usually just stay at BIL's condo, with swimming pool which happens to be both kids' favorite.

Had a quick walk at OneU on the first night~
Bought a water tumbler for Aden at the transformer fair, while Toby was still too young to ask for toys haha! (Which is good for us ^^)

My favorite is always Bumbleebee~

While Aden's is Optimus Prime.
2 more days to the release of Transfomer movie! Can't wait!!

Woke up late the next morning~ 
That's what we called, sleep in style =)

Then brought the kids to Jungle Gym located at Atria Mall.

I promised to bring Aden to this place during the March school break, but we din't manage to go due to some reasons. 
So during this 2-weeks school break, must made my promise came true!

Time to burn some calories!

Toby first got attracted to the ball pool!



The kids had heaps of fun inside! 
Spent 3 hours and still refused to leave, til I have to bribe them with something~~

Toby is still too young for certain parts in Jungle Gym.
Personally, I think this place is more ideal for kids 3yo and above. 
But we might come back in the future, with the helps of daddy for sure.
Really tiring for me to look after 2 active boys alone (I am not young anymore haha)

Tired boy dozed off in the car, haha! 
But big brother Aden still very energetic =_=

The next day, we took LRT to KL Sentral for our train ride back home to find papa ;)

It was the boys' first LRT experience~ 

Such a short trip for us, feel like not enough haha!
Looking forward to our next holiday next week!


  1. Got LRT to KL? From Taiping? I wouldn't mind taking that to Taiping and visit all you lovely people there. Never been to Taiping before.

    1. No, that's ETS, electronic train system, from North all the way to South.
      LRT is in KL.
      Haha, come la, time for a holidays with your missus ;)

  2. What an enjoyable trip for your boys! Short but fun. I have not been on the ETS. The ETS trip sure looks convenient.

    1. Yes, probably cause still new, ticket also not expensive, from Taiping to KL, about 3 hours +, kinda fast.

  3. 很多人推荐 jungle gym, 真的很想去见识一下!

    1. 嗯,还不错的。。如果孩子三岁以上了就很适合玩了~

  4. How long is the journey by ETS from your place to KL?

  5. You are really a Super Mom or Wonder Woman who could handle 2 boys at one trip. I am sure you burnt lots of calories too! I am glad the boys enjoyed the train rides. I think most people enjoy the train rides more than flying on the planes.

    1. Yep, burnt calories and energy too haha!
      They enjoyed, like 'suaku' xD

  6. Looks like so much fun! Never mind, your two boys help you to burn calories hee..hee...

    1. True, but I also lost my beauty sleeps, LOL!

  7. Hi Hayley, can see your boys enjoying their visit to KL, my old hometown. They look cute in their outfits. So, did your BIL take you all go eat KL's well known makan stores?
    The LRT you all sat in was made in Canada. I can imagine how much KL has changed. Our last balek kampong was 16 years ago! And we've away 31 years now. Maybe might think of going back next year. Only thing the flight time too long!

    Anyway, nows the time to have fun with your boys, they grow up fast! Before long they will prefer go out with SYTs rather than mom, hahaha.
    Have a great week and keep a song in your heart.

    1. Hi Lee!
      Yep, we did makan makan around KL, some famous eateries which my FIL used to frequent.

      That's really long!! 31 years! You should plan a visit back here ;)
      But I know that feeling, the long hours of flight, really very tiring, not easy. I remember my flight to Canada was about 20 hours++ in total, we flew from KL to Dubai then transit to Toronto, really not kidding man! It's like a day spent in the air!

      Thanks for dropping by! You take care too!

  8. I am sure the kids enjoyed their time at the Jungle Gym, looks fun!

  9. ETS 真是我们太平人的福音

    1. 呵呵是啊!安全也方便多了!



  10. U brought 2 kids to KL alone? With public transport somemore?! I have to call you superwoman dy lah! Salute!

    1. Haha, actually with my MIL along la! :p

  11. 我跟你同一个时间乘搭ETS进行亲子游,很不错的体验!!Jungle gym是孩子的体力大解放的地方,几乎没有孩子不爱的啊!!

    1. 嗯嗯,真的同一时间,只是地点不一样哈哈!


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