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Toby boy (2y2m)

Hello from my little naughty boy Toby!

Time flies, he is now 2 years 2 months young! Still remember how I gave birth to him, and all the hard works of breastfeeding him and etc etc....

He is as playful as his big brother, and very cheeky too!
Also, his tantrum, almost everyone in the family is scared of him..... >.< 

See, looking at his face you can tell he is actually cheeky and mischievous, in Hokkien we call 'guai lan' xD 

And so because of his naughtiness, he sometimes got beaten by his daddy!
Well, no doubt he is really naughty, but my heart aches whenever I see daddy's finger's marks on his hands!
But then again, he really drives me nuts sometimes! We try to be patient and talk to him, even warn him, but he just won't listen~ *pengsan*
(Not easy dealing with this terrible-two!)

Similar to his brother, Toby loves water! I think if we don't stop him, he can be in the water for hours....

I think almost all toddlers know yoga naturally haha! My kids is the same, I remember Aden doing some yoga poses when he was younger, and now it's didi's turn.
Quite talkative now, he knows all alphabets and number 1-15. Also recognizes several fruits and vegetables (as he loves those cutting toys) and animals.

Toby is more bad temper than his brother, but honestly I think he is smarter (and more daring).
At age 2, he can already ride his brother's bicycle, very fast and can turn well! (Though he is riding with left leg only hehe~)

Still wearing diapers (Lazy mum here :P)
He is now 91cm tall and about 13kg, some commented he doesn't look like a 2-year-old as he is quite big size. I guess that's the power of breast milk hehe! (Breastfed him til about 15 months)

Recently, he started to skip afternoon naps, but often fell asleep around 6pm++... 
Aicks, that's bad because he tends to sleep late at night with this pattern!

I love watching him sleep (I guess all mothers are the same ^^), that's the only peaceful moments we have!!  
 He used to get very addictive to pacifier and I was wondering how shall I wean him off.
But problem solved effortlessly when he was down with pneumonia and was hospitalized in April. Not sure why but I guess it was because of his sorethroat back then and he din't feel like putting anything into the mouth.

This fella is getting more and more active, and more and more clingy to me!! Though I love the way how he wants only me, but I long for more ME time too!

But whatever it is, I treasure every moments spent with my kids. 
Being a full time mum is indeed tiring but it has it's pros more than cons.  
I am thankful to get to watch them grow, and I pray for nothing but health and happiness for them! <3


  1. Wow! Time flies and he is over 2 years already. Uncle TM is also older by 2 years. Sigh!

    My heart aches to see the marks from daddy's beating. From the expert's surveys, the 2nd child seems to be the bravest and naughtier ones, so bear with this and no need to beat him so hard daddy!!. Can try to use the reverse psychology which is a trend nowadays which you can learn from the K-Dramas of "Return Of Superman". The celebrities were taught effective ways from experts to deal with their naughty kids.

    How to wean off his pacifier? My mum used tiger balm to smear on it for my sister and it worked. My brother gave it up by himself while I had to stay with my 'fierce' aunty when my parents went overseas while I was a baby. My aunty was told not to give me the pacifier for one week. Gosh! I nearly died lah... LOLOL

    1. Yep, I also got older 2 years now hur hur!!

      Daddy sometimes couldn't control his hands, you know la, rough man, arms also more powerful ma haha!
      I don't watch that drama la, but we are trying to be more patient. Hopefully he learns and become more behave soon!

      Haha, tiger balm worked ya? My friend put chili, worked also, hehe!

  2. Replies
    1. Well, depends on 'yuan fen' la ;)

  3. Boys will be boys, plus the Terrible Two some more. The phase will pass.

  4. Toby is so adorable. I also sakit hati see the beat marks on his arm. Hope he does not learn to beat others from what he has experienced.

    1. Sometimes he will, we will tell him nicely it's not a good habits.

  5. He is smart as can see from his high forehead, my nephew is 2 months younger than him, my nephew knows how to say words such as fish, frog, dog, bird and Ma Ma (meaning Ah Ma), your boy boy so smart knows all the alphabets and numbers, different kids have different leaning paces so as long as they are happy, no need to stress too much, just let nature takes its course

    1. Toddlers these days are smart eh? Very ‘早熟’ also haha!
      True, no need to compare la!

  6. Two already! Consider big boy liao this Toby boy who is so so cute! I love all the photos especially the last one of Aden and Toby sayang2 each other :)

    1. Yes, big boy liao! Big size also! :p

  7. Toby is very cute. He looks more like you actually. Boys being boys, sure naughty la!
    No worries, I am sure you will bring them up well, I am pretty sure of that.

    1. Glad to hear that, many commented he looks like daddy haha!


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