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Yoga workshop

 If you have been following my blog, you shall know that I am a yoga lover!

Last weekend, I attended a yoga workshop organized by a yoga member and it was so much fun!
The instructor is Xiao Jing from Penang.

Before starting the workshop, Xiao Jing first explained to us about her style of teaching in order to achieve a proper head stand and hand stand

Also demonstrated to us some proper yoga poses

We also did a few rounds of meditation to warm up the body

As I mentioned, this workshop focused on doing head stand and hand stand on our own, so we must learn the right technique and engage in proper position, without hurting ourselves

Besides using the strength from the arms and shoulders, core muscle plays an important role too!
Though I have been learning yoga for many years now, I still cannot perform a proper headstand or hand stand on my own xD
After the workshop, I still cannot do it. But, at least I know a better and safer way now. All I need is practice practice and practice!

That's Xiao Jing sitting in front, wearing a green scarf.
I must say she is a friendly and selfless lady who shared so much with us!
I actually look forward to the next workshop (if there's any ^^)

The workshop ended in 2 hours time but most of us stayed for a while after that, mainly is to catch up with each other, and also learning other yoga poses

This is my first time trying fly yoga and it was fun! But very tiring, haha!
It requires strength from the whole body, and most importantly, stay balance! 
I posted this picture on FB and friends commented I look like a super woman! Haha! Actually I wish too! :p
It must be fun and unique having super power! Right? ^^


  1. Keep it up! Great for keeping fit and staying healthy.

  2. All the best to get your hand stand. wow, you are so fit and strong to do fly yoga.

  3. Wow! Look this young Mama could fly. LOLOL
    Practice makes perfection. I want to start doing simple yoga too for health benefits as it could untangle all my organs & internal knots.

    1. How I wish I can really fly! ^^
      True, yoga is indeed a very nice exercise for our body and joints!

  4. Yoga is good and you should keep it up since you love it. Wah! You look so graceful doing the flying yoga. If I do that, will drop down kaboom!

    1. I will continue doing it hehe!
      LOL, won't la, not that serious!

  5. Yoga is a good exercise and good that you love the exercise, not everybody could do it, I was about to say you look like Super Woman with that flying yoga pose, haha

    1. Hmm, everybody can do it, as long as they try and be determined, with proper guidance la of course!

  6. 瑜伽是我最喜爱的运动~ 真的很想快快回到瑜伽的怀抱。
    Flying yoga好酷哦~~

    1. 呵呵high 5!我也很爱瑜伽!
      哈哈,哪间瑜伽中心有托儿所的,你让我知道一下 xDD

  7. Same with Phong Hong, if i do, i will drop down kaboom, keke...

  8. A superwoman!!! Yoga is a good exercise but I never took it up. More of an aerobic person. Don't think it is too late for me to go to beginner class??

    1. Of course not!
      Never too late to learn anything!

  9. I have stopped yoga completely now. I just can't find time to do yoga other than running in the gym, zumba and hiking. I must find time to add in yoga next year. My 2018 plan.

    1. But gym, zumba and hiking is good enough la!!


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