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Happy Merdeka Day!

Aden gets to celebrate National Day in his school, for the first time ;)

This year's activity is to collect the pupils' palm prints using water color on a big white cloth
They also made a flag-cap and sang some Merdeka related songs
I din't know about this activity until I went to fetch him last Friday, luckily managed to snap some photos of him
Group photo at the end
May be Aden is still too young to learn about Merdeka or flag, but I think it's still a great event for the kids though~ 

Happy 60th Merdeka to our homeland!!  And Happy Holidays to ya'll!

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Not sure if the above video works :p
Anyway, it's another Friday! I guess everyone loves Friday!
What's your plan for this coming weekend?
Whatever it is, stay safe and enjoy ya!!

Thinking to change hairstyle/想换发型了

Photo taken Dec 2016

A woman's hair is her beauty. May be you have heard of this before. No?  其实啊,每个女人除了想要一副漂亮的脸蛋之外,也想要适合自己的发型!(至少我是这样觉得啦!)
从开始会打扮到现在,我都尝试过长发,短发,直发和卷发。  去年年尾,我剪去了大概6寸的头发~
没什么,就觉得闷了,想要换换发型 =)

Anyway to me, having great skin complexion is important, but having a suitable hairstyle is equally important too! All this while, I have had long hair, short hair, straight hair and even curly hair. Last year, I chopped off about 6 inches of my hair to this . . . . . .
Instantly look younger haha! And my head was so much lighter back then! No need to tie and save on water and shampoo too!  那时整粒头立马变轻了哈哈!  省时间打理,也省洗发水呢 :p

Then to welcome Chinese New Year, I went for a top bleach and color.
The end result~ I know how much damage bleach can caused, but at that time, I only got one thinking in my mind -> I really want to try having sharp color! Just for once! So, I just did it ;) I bleached only the outer layer, so you can still see the inside dark brown col…


Aden: 各位阿姨叔叔好啊!=)

最近实在忙,几乎一个星期才能生一篇文,有时两个星期呢 =_="
早上都在忙家务忙孩子和载大宝上学。  下午得哄小宝睡午觉~ 还要兼顾我的网卖生意。 不过最近的他好像不爱睡午觉了耶!如果他没睡我就更不得空了!得陪他玩~  话说玩不到一下下就得出门载Aden回家了~~ 每个星期的两个傍晚我都会上tabata课,一下课就回家继续当‘佣人’ xD
晚上就是陪/教Aden做功课,有时间的话就看看AOD的香港连续剧(话说最近的连续剧都不好看!)  过后就要给孩子们睡觉啦!  每天大概就是这样过,几乎都在做同样的事,都是围绕着家庭和孩子。  不过忙归忙,累归累,我觉得都是值得的啦!  当了全职妈妈5年,没后悔过 ^^

 近两个星期的天气都很糟~ 想不到可以去哪个游泳池(之前去到酒店游泳池已经不开放给外人了 T_T),所以干脆在家玩玩水就好~ 还好这几天开始有下雨了,要不然真的要发热气了!

 上周末大宝的幼儿园老师举办动物园半日游,我第一时间报名 :p (当然是先问Aden意愿啦) 虽然上学半年多了,很多时候他还是比较内向/慢热。这次就让他和老师朋友出外郊游。原本想和他一起去,还好我没有!想说借这机会让他独立独立 =)

 老师拍的照片~  看了都感觉很热很热对吧?  一说到动物园,我第一形象就是热!xD

 去载他的时候都没什么,老师也没有complain xD  问他开心吗,他说开心,看到很多动物,还说谁谁谁跌倒,谁谁谁的妈妈有去等等~  看来是很enjoy啦!

 我虽然很累很想休息,不过周末傍晚如果天气好,我都会尽量带他们出外玩玩~  要不然呆在家也是看ipad玩玩具而已~

 久久晒一下夫妻两的照片 :p  我们还是一样,无穿无烂 :p 只是最近的他晒黑了很多!没办法啦!太阳公公太热情了,而老公也得出外做工养活啊~ (
辛苦你了老公) 话说我好像很少在这里提起我家abang的ho?哈哈!
不知不觉都认识了14年,当夫妻已有8年。  两公婆开心的时候有,不开心的时候也不少呵呵~  不过这也算正常吧?毕竟要两个不同背景的人要走在一起组织一个家庭不容易,难免会有意见不合争吵什么的~  我觉得最重要还是要互相体谅和多沟通啦!这样才能长久~ right? =)

 从早忙到晚的我,真的很需要好好保养和调理身体~  感恩我遇见…

New product: Biolax (新品 Biolax 高钎粉)

Today is advertisement post =)

I would like to introduce a new product called Biolax.

It's 100% formulated and made from Australia, under the company Enervite.
Note that it's NOT a slimming product ya! The main function of Biolax is for body detoxification and to ease bowel movement, especially ideal for people who suffer from long term and serious constipation.  When we are able to expel toxin and stubborn stool from our body, we eventually can lose weight and have flatter belly!
Of course, Biolax has other functions too, including slow down aging process and maintain healthy complexion! It's made from pure organic fruits, certified vegetarian and HALAL.
It's blended into powder and you can just add water and drink it. Take a sachet after breakfast, or before bedtime. Taste like berry drinks, but not so sweet.
If you have taken enzymes or fiber drinks before, some of them might cause stomachache and have to go to the bathroom urgently. But Biolax will not cause such i…

New playland for us

Hello everybody!
It's Aden here! Today I want to share something with you, it's a new play land my mummy discovered lately!

I am very excited when mummy brought me here during the first time! This place is really HUGE!
Actually my little brother is very excited too!
My mum says, this place is like a barren land, it's near my popo's house, less than 5 minutes drive.  We can even walk there but because it requires a bit of hiking, mummy says drive there will be a wiser choice ;))
In case if you are wondering, my brother and I love playing with sand!!  My mum says it's not like those sand at the beach, but it doesn't matter to us cause we love any kind of sand hehehe!
This place also has a lot of big and small rocks!  I love this place a lot because not only I can play with sand, it's very windy here too!
With my dear popo <3 We have been here 3 times, and we are not bored yet! I will pester my mum to bring me here again!
Oh no! Sands got into my broth…