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Trong Leisure Farm 自农休闲农庄

How did you spent your recent weekend holiday?

We made a short trip to Trong leisure farm, a small town near Taiping.
I actually went there before in year 2014, coincidentally it was during September too haha!

This time we left Taiping right after brunch, since I checked online already, it opens as early as 9am
I guess overall, this place changed nothing much compared to the last time...
Hello giant rubber duckie!

I love this photo, love their innocent looks here <3
Aden is quite ok in taking photos these days, haha!
Last round, we did not get to visit the actual duck farm due to time constraint.

This time around, we managed to experience it for the first time. Here we are in a tractor which takes visitors to the duck farm. Entrance ticket is RM8 for adult, and half price for kids~
But nobody check the tickets also, I guess it's ok if you don't buy any ticket and jump onto the tractor right away *grin*

Duck food is available for feeding, my boy enjoyed feeding th…

Just to wish you a happy weekend!

Aaaa it's a long weekend again!!
This month is indeed a good month for working people and students!! So many holidays!
I'm working anyway, as you know a full time mum has no day off hur hur! T___T

See you next week la!  Bye bye!

Toothspa promotion! 牙粉优惠来咯!

The long awaited Toothspa promotion is finally here!
Actually some friends/customers asked me before, why is there no Toothspa promotion for the recent few months?
I wish to know too haha! I mean we also just follow our leader only, all promotion must announced by them.

Anyway, so below is the latest Toothspa promotion!


Buy one box for RM65; two for RM118; 3 for RM150!   买一盒 RM65;

Toothspa can replace your toothpaste, it has bubbles and minty/lemon scent just like toothpaste, but more effective in solving stained teeth, tooth discoloration, dental plaque, bad breathe, sensitive teeth/gums and other oral issues! Why still use toothpaste if cannot see significant results?? 齿贝白代替牙膏,有泡沫薄荷和柠檬味..有效改善黑牙,黄牙,牙结石,烟渍,茶渍,口气,牙齿敏感等等一系列口腔问题.️你用了几十年牙膏,牙齿真的白了吗?试试齿贝白吧,还你大白牙!
Toothspa is fluoride-free so it's safer and suitable for kids as well!

I already used it for months now, and will definitely continue using it, cau…