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What we did during the long Deepavali holidays/这个屠妖节长假

I bet every stay-at-home-mums suffer from headache when it comes to school holidays.
It can means more screaming more mess at home, haha!

Though I have only 2 kids at the moment, I really dislike school holidays.
Firstly, big brother stays home all day means there will be more fighting, more chasing and even more bullying.
Secondly, staying at home all day can be very boring for kids, I need to crack head thinking what to let them do to pass time.

Anyway, during the recent Deepavali long holidays, I brought them to Trong duck farm.
The last visit was only last month, apparently my sons love this place and have been pestering me to go there again.
Since it's school holiday and the place is not far, why not?


再来,要他们一整天呆在家也很无聊,我这个懒妈妈都不懂要让他们玩些什么新玩意 xD

 唯一一方面我喜欢的就是不必当司机载上学~ :p

Anyway, 这个屠妖节的长假呢,第一个外出的地方就是自农鸭场。


This time I drove my parents and sons there since hub…

Birthday 2017/ 2017 牛一

Starting off with a picture of the birthday girllady! =)

8/10,  本小姐33岁啦!
I went back to my parents' house in the afternoon during my birthday..
... cause my lovely brother flew back from Sg just to celebrate with me! (Someone can't wait to taste the cake! xD)  No big celebration, but it's more than enough for me, cause I have the dearest people celebrating with me!   其实生日每年都有,不过还是会特别兴奋哈哈!  我家二哥特地从新加坡飞回家就是为了和我庆祝~~ 虽然没有一整粒的蛋糕,也没礼物收,不过我feel到家人满满的爱心,说不出的温馨和满足 <3

That evening, I requested a birthday dinner at STG cafe, located at Spritzer Ecopark.  我家abang,没什么表示。不出奇,因为我知道他的pattern就是这样哈哈!
 我想到了STG这个地方~  位于太平Spritzer Ecopark, 大家可以去它们的面子书看看


Happy birthday to myself! I am officially 33 but I guess I look younger than that la, hahaha!! *thick skin mode on*   祝我自己生日快乐!今年的愿望很简单,就是心想事成!!😄

Ordered pink lady ice cream for the boys, end up I was the one who ate the most 😂  (I am always a dessert fan) …