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Mid Autumn Festival

Hello from my naughty boys!!

How was your Mid Autumn Festival this year?
Ours were very simple, playing candles and lanterns at our balcony, haha! 

The boys are not keen on moon cakes, actually me too, I used to love moon cakes, but this year... Change of taste bud may be? xD

Anyway, both my sons love playing with fire candles,  we had been playing like this for continuous few nights til I became bored, LOL! So I told them 3/10 (The actual mid autumn festival) will be the last night we play with candles....

They even sang birthday song in advance for me! Haha!

On the 29/9 night, we attended Aden's school lantern festival.
Lots of people that night, I mean of course, the whole school were invited!

2 main activities that night, stage performance and lantern walk around the school area.
Too bad, it was raining that night so the latter activity had to cancel :(

They brought along the lanterns, still prefer these traditional paper lanterns over those battery-operated ones. 
These days, paper lanterns also not cheap!

The whole event lasted for about 2 hours++. Aden was behaving well sitting with his friends, but Toby got a little cranky towards the end...

Here's a short clip of Aden performing on stage with his friends.
Though it was a simple performance, I am very proud of him! 
This is his first performance too! Consider okay already la! ^^

Look forward to see him perform again next month during the graduation ceremony!


  1. Yeah!!! I can see him in his orange t-shirt! All the best in next month's performance, Aden!

  2. Nowadays, lanterns getting more and more fanciful..

    1. Agree, macam macam pattern pun ada!

  3. yes can spot Aden on stage. Toby looks so cheeky in some of the photos. Good that both of them have lots of fun for this festival.

    1. He is cheeky in real person too, LOL!

  4. Your boys are so cute in photos. I think those paper lanterns using candles are better and traditional. They were never cheap even when I was a kid. Those days a big dragon costed RM5 and we all fainted at that price. Today a mini tiny one costs over RM10. Terrible inflation.

    1. Nowadays more expensive! A simple small size also needs RM10 lo!

  5. I love those paper lanterns with candles, so much fun and it's joy for you to see your boys growing up day by day

  6. Hi Hayley, here in Toronto never seen children carrying lanterns during the moon festival. Saw some on display at Chinese stores. This year we ate the most mooncakes, twice at Chinese buffet restaurants, and friends presenting us couple of boxes of mooncakes. There's still a few left! I love the mixed nuts, but not the ones with eggs in them, will pass to ny wife.

    Chinese festivals not celebrated like where you are....unlike Halloween coming soon, where people, children of all nationalities celebrate going around to homes 'treat or trick'.
    Its now getting much cooler and already trees changing colours as its now Autumn. Won't be long before we get our first snowfall.
    Your boys looking good,
    Best regards,

    1. Your place, I can tell it's less happening! Unless it's Chinese New Year la!
      I don't love moon cakes with egg yolks too!

      Halloween is surely much more happening at your place, here, nothing much, may be just some decorations in the malls.

  7. Very fun for the kids to carry lanterns! Aden and Toby have grown so much.

    1. They sure did!
      Their mummy also become older liao, hur hur!

  8. Glad your kids still enjoy it! My kids rather play on the phone ! My son especially was saying there’s no fun playing with candles and lanterns hahah

    1. Not good playing with gadgets all the time! Must accompany them and play with lanterns with them, more fun!

  9. This year Mid Autumn falls on weekday so didn't do much activity, just play candles at my apartment's pool area with other neighbours~

    1. Sounds ok too, at least got neighbors, we just played on our own only xD

  10. I don't even realize moon cake festival gone past already this year. Sh*t... I probably spent it working in the office as usual >.< ...

  11. Lovely celebration. We celebrated earlier. Lighted the lanterns on weekend. Nothing on actual day.

    Cute kids singing birthday song for mummy.

    1. Haha, Aden's idea, cause I told him my birthday was around the corner xD


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