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Toby the dancing boy

Dancing while watching 'the circus show'

Toby is 2 years 6 months 3 weeks young today!
Oh boy, he sure has grown up a lot!!
I miss the baby him, I remember how chubby he used to be!
Thinking back, it's been a while since I last do an update post on him.
Shall find time to write more about him, don't know if anyone is interested to read or not? Haha! xD

Promotions! 优惠优惠!

Time to do a bit update on my online business store =)

Here are 3 latest promotions I would like to introduce:

1. Toothspa powder

Normal price for one box is RM65. Now buy 2 boxes for RM110; and 3 boxes for RM150! Worth or not? You do the math ^^ 
If you are still blur about Toothspa, here's a quick introduction about this product: - it's in the form of powder, replacing your ordinary toothpaste - easy to use, first wet your toothbrush then dip on the powder, and brush! - available in lemon or mint flavor - main functions is to whiten up stained/yellowish teeth (usually smokers or coffee lovers will face this problem) - also helps in relieving gums problems like sensitive and bleeding gums - helps in removing dental plaque, prevent gingivitis and cavity - suitable for both adults and kids (Promotion ends 30/11/17)

2. Brand new Legacy Iconics from Return Legacy (limited stocks)
This travel pack consists of 60ml cleansing water, 50ml Fresh facial foam, 60ml H+ spray, 20ml acti…

Whats up!

There are more and more eateries springing up like mushrooms in Taiping, in the recent 2 years I notice.

I get to know most of them from Facebook, sharing among friends...
Sometimes I intend to try, but some already close down even before I get a chance, LOL!

Anyway, this is the recent one we visited.

It's called Monday Brew. Located in the center of Taiping town, very strategic location I must say.
Decorations are simple, yet quite nice
It was a Friday noon, not crowded at all
Aden wanted yogurt, little brother followed as well~
I had cream sauce spaghetti, nothing very special to shout about~ (Then we ordered 3 glasses of sky juice, FOC, haha)  They serve other spaghetti too, and some snacks, like fries and cakes. More on drinks like espresso, since I am not a coffee fan at all so nothing to do with me, haha!

Oh hi from yours truly ;) (Photo taken by Aden, not bad eh?) 

Forever my cheeky boy!

Enjoying their fries with ketchup~

Their tagline on the window, 'There's n…

Of temples

I am a Buddhist and though not a very superstitious and holy ones, I do pray and ask for ang kong's blessing too 😛

During the recent Nine Emperor Gods festival, I drove to Butterworth's famous Tow Boo Kong temple (斗母宫).
It was my first time there, heard so much about this magnificent temple and finally, I got to witness its beauty!

Not hard locating this temple, Waze! xD
It was near to 7pm when we arrived, not a very good evening as it started to drizzle! But luckily just for a while...

The inside of the temple is really beautiful and well maintained!
And it's huge and somehow 'cooling' in there! Probably due to the weather~

My parents, aunties and 2 sons followed too! Yep, it was quite happening in the car, haha!

I asked for ang kong's blessing, prayed that family and I stay healthy and safe always!

After praying, we walked to the opposite food stalls to have our vegan dinner. No food photos :p The food choice is quite a lot there compared to Taiping, b…