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The start of my Bangkok travelogue

Date: 22/12/17-25/12/17
It was quite a last minute decision.

We booked the flight tickets and hotels only about a month before the said date.
So, flight tickets cost a bomb actually, plus it was a public holiday weekend.

But hubby said never mind, once a while, LOL! xD

So, this is our first and only flight in 2017.

Hopefully this year, we get to fly also, haha! (Hope you are reading this hubby ^^)

Booked a van to fetch us to the airport~
Jalan jalan at KLIA2 before boarding~

Can't you pose properly Toby?

 This trip, 4 adults and 4 kids (2 families of 4), which to me is very manageable. Too many in a group, eat up a lot of time for waiting~ Too few, not that merry, haha~
Filled up our tummy at the food court before boarding, cause our flight did not include meals.
I guess this is a mandatory shot for anyone who travels on board, haha!!
It was an afternoon flight, and very sunny, perfect for a nap!
Didi Toby was quite well behaved, fell asleep shortly after take off, and I wo…

Hello new year!

Hello 2018!!

It's the second week of the new year!!

Also the second week of Aden's schooling day.

He is studying in the morning class now (afternoon session last year), also the last year in kindy.

So far, he is doing alright, I only accompanied him during the first day, the rest of the days, I just dropped him and he was ok.
Big boy already, I hope he learn more and can make more new friends, enjoy the last year in kindy!

As for myself, still same as usual, just that I have to wake up earlier than usual >.<
Usually I am the last one going to bed, and the first one to wake up...
Still not so used to it yet, haha!
Sleepy la!! :p

And didi Toby, still enjoying his honeymoon at home, we decide to send him to kindy next year.
Not so good to send them to school too early, fall sick easily since their immune system isn't that strong yet.

Still drafting my Bangkok travelogue, hope can publish a post within this week! =)