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Chocolate Ville Bangkok

Date: 23/12/2017

We booked a van to fetch us to Chocolate Ville in the evening.

Our first time here, the place is huge and simply beautiful!
Every corner is a beautiful spot to take photos.

I shall let the pictures do the talking.

We had dinner in the park!

The start of my Bangkok travelogue

Date: 22/12/17-25/12/17
It was quite a last minute decision.

We booked the flight tickets and hotels only about a month before the said date.
So, flight tickets cost a bomb actually, plus it was a public holiday weekend.

But hubby said never mind, once a while, LOL! xD

So, this is our first and only flight in 2017.

Hopefully this year, we get to fly also, haha! (Hope you are reading this hubby ^^)

Booked a van to fetch us to the airport~
Jalan jalan at KLIA2 before boarding~

Can't you pose properly Toby?

 This trip, 4 adults and 4 kids (2 families of 4), which to me is very manageable. Too many in a group, eat up a lot of time for waiting~ Too few, not that merry, haha~
Filled up our tummy at the food court before boarding, cause our flight did not include meals.
I guess this is a mandatory shot for anyone who travels on board, haha!!
It was an afternoon flight, and very sunny, perfect for a nap!
Didi Toby was quite well behaved, fell asleep shortly after take off, and I wo…