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Taking a break

Hello! *wipe spider web*

Been abandoned my blog for a few weeks now, feel guilty~~

But can't help it, I've been very busy starting this year.

If you read my blog earlier on, my eldest son Aden is attending morning class this year, not only he has to wake up early, I have to wake up earlier than him too!

And I don't really get to nap in the afternoon, cause both Aden and Toby seems to be very energetic all day!! *yawn*

This year, I have promised myself to sleep early, hmm consider this my 2018 resolution ^^
We all know how bad it is to stay up late, especially to us the ladies.

So, to get this resolution done, means I have to sacrifice certain thing, like, my blog :(
I won't be able to update my blog so often already (perhaps once or twice a month, I try).

But I am still active in FB, Instagram and WeChat about my life and online business!
Do follow me in Instagram (yorkmei) and WeChat (york_mei) ya!

Before I go, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy and prosp…