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Eucerin ProACNE blogger challenge

Hello hello!! I am back! ^^

Earlier this month I have received a beautiful Eucerin package which looks like this~~

 Specially to York Mei, awww nice kan? =)
Inside is the new Pro Acne solution treatment cream!
Comes in 40ml per tube. It's able to unclog pores, visibly helps reduce comedonal acne and prevent their re-appearance. 

This product is suitable for all mild to moderate forms of acne and has a triple effect: the 10% Hydroxy Complex contains a highly effective combination of peeling agents, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Polyhydroxy Acid- which help to resurface skin, unclog pores, reduce bacterias, remove dead skin cells and prevent new blemishes from appearing! It visibly improves skin after 2 weeks, revealing clearer and smoother-looking skin over time.
It's very easy to use, just apply on cleansed face every morning and night 

Actually I am very particular in skin care, cause I want my skin to look the best :p But sometimes, those irritating acne will pop out no…