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Sushi ichiban!

Another food session this weekend! :D

last week was cupcakes + pudding bread and this time, my all time favourite, SUSHI!! the last time we made sushi was like, 2 years ago?? and that was the very first time for everyone, we didnt had much varieties as Taiping's market has a very limited stocks.

apparently, we made only prawns and crabsticks sushi

this time, we are planning to do more! but still, stocks are very hard to get here. we shopped the whole Tesco and Giant last Sunday but couldnt find much sushi ingredients. i really have the urge of driving to JJ this Saturday cause i know it definetely has everything.
this round, i decided to do Tamago sushi. searched for the steps of making and realise actually its quite easy to do, provided we have all the ingredients needed.

what you need for Tamago:
4 eggs, 3 tsp of mirin, 2 tsp soy sauce, 2 tsp sugar and a rectangular pan.

1 - Mix everything together and whisk them.
2 - Heat a little oil in rectangular pan, then add the tamago batter, 1 cm deep.
3 - After 2-3 min, when the bottom of the omelet turns brownish, use a spatula to fold the omelet twice, first from the closer edge of the pan towards the middle, and then towards the far edge. There's no need to flip the omelet, just fold it. Even if its upper side seems uncooked before folding, the "inner layers" will get done by the end of the process
4 - Now oil the pan again (or not, depends if you prefer it crispy or oil free) and add another batch of tamago batter. Notice that the batter you have just added should touch the omelet you folded in the previous step.
5 - Repeat steps 2-3, until you run out of tamago batter.
6 - Now that your omelet is ready, place it on a dry cutting surface, and slice it into 2 cm-thick slices.

*source from here*

now, who can borrow me a rectangular pan?


  1. WoW! Good tips! Well, my tamago didn't turn out to be tamago, more like folded fried eggs, wakaka

    Will try according to your steps.

  2. yvonne, yea! i find this tips useful and easy. will try to practice at home first ;)

  3. Wow, lots of hard work to make these sushi, but I guess well worth it, must taste super delicious!

  4. irene, yea definetely worth it. especially if u r a sushi fan!


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