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Good friend? bad friend?

I was having a terrible menstrual cramp yesterday during work. colleagues who went out lunch with me would know, i couldnt even finish that bowl of noddles, all i wanted was to rush to the nearest supermarket to get Panadol Menstrual pills. i found it, grabbed a bottle of mineral water and immediately swallowed one while i havent paid for it yet.
the pain was there for like one hour =_= i was struggling at the office, wanting to go home... but luckily the pain reduced gradually and i felt much better.

fyi, i tried not to rely too much on drugs during this time. i know it's not recommended to consume too much of these pills, i only take the pills when the pain is really severe. for me, i have menstrual cramps almost everytime, some are mild which is still bearable, but sometimes it's just too painful :(

i guess men will never understand how does it feel experiencing menstrual pain. i dont even know how to describe it. ok, may be this will help:
Menstrual cramps are caused by uterine contractions (when your uterus tightens and relaxes allowing blood to leave your uterus. get it? =_=
*source taken from here*
until now, drugs can still help me relief the pain. besides, i know that drinking something warm helps too, as well as placing a warm pack on the lower belly. another suggestion i've heard is to cut down on icy drinks, at any time. i admit i like icy drinks and i think i really should cut down on them. not sure if it helps but no harm trying right?


  1. 我每个月都会有这样的痛苦,有时候还痛得死去活来。

  2. Sherley, 对啊!有时会想为什么女人要面对这种痛??
    anyway, have a nice day!

  3. Hayley, same as me. When comes to menstrual pain, the feeling its really killing. Me, even worse,vomit,cramps,dizzy and I fainted few times in public area because of the pain (one time was at bank withdrawing my money :P).But after I consumes a product specialized for this, the pain no longer haunted me. Maybe you should try to eat some herbs and pills (not those pain killers) too.

    Have a happy period! :)

  4. Yoong, glad to see you here again!

    do you mind share the product name with me? thanks~
    i do taking EPO everyday. but may be just EPO alone wont do much helps... :S

  5. Hmm... I hardly experience any excruciating pain during menstrual, only mild one or sometimes none (yay!).

    There are some poses during yoga, after practising for some time can help to reduce the pain :) Check out with your yoga trainer.

  6. Yvonne, yes i read about that too. but how to do those poses if i'm at work ar?? =_=

  7. Oh, I do take EPO also. And 1 more product I take is LD Venus from Elken. Its helps alots and I recommended to friends and all have positives feedback. I tell you more when I see you online MSN coz I dont want ppl think that I am doing direct sales and hard selling the product :P

  8. Yoong, okok, i try to meet you in MSN ;)
    thanks for the infor. at the mean time i can google this product first!

  9. I think once in a month rely on painkiller won't be harmful to your body, I suppose you only need a pill or two for the 1st day right?!

    Normally before my menstrual starts, I would do a lot of exercises(keep my body warm up), abstain from icy cold drinks and maintain a positive mind... it really helps me to minimize the pain, indeed I seldom experience excruciating mentrual pain!:)

  10. Alice, yes, i take those painkiller only during the 1st day. i'm just afraid long term consumption will bring side effect to my body =_=

    i am practising to cut down on icy drinks now. i hope i can see improvement next month ;)


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