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Night market

Pasar malam (aka night market) is one of my favourite place to go. so far, I think my favourite is the one at SS2 PJ, on Mondays. but seldom have the chance to go already as I hardly go KL ever since I started working =_=

anyway, there're not many pasar malam here in Taiping. Aulong, Kampung Boyan, Changkat Jering and Simpang are those I know. and I find Simpang's one is the nicest to go! it actually has stalls (both malay and chinese) surrounded the shop houses near Taman Kota Jaya, and they're available every Tuesday from 7pm onwards.

portable van selling pearl tea (珍珠奶茶)

deep fried snacks like nuggets, french fries, sauseges, fish balls etc. this stall usually has the most queue!



portable van selling bak kua (dried pork meat), chicken floss with breads (they're from Ipoh)

dim sum (sorry shaky hands)

lok lok (dip with special chili/tomato sauce, yummy~)

all sorts of tit bits

sugar cane drinks, perfect for a hot weather like now

there're still many other food stalls which I dint manage to snap photos. apart from food, there're also stalls selling daily goods and groceries.

chinese burning incense and praying material



cloth, even stalls selling clothes for men, women and children (some of them are quite fashionable though)

and this Indian lady selling various types of bracelet and anklets!

I know this night market might be nothing compare to other bigger cities. but to me, I personally think it's the nicest at a small town like Taiping. wait til I have chance I shall snap more photos to show you! :D


  1. oh, look at the Indian jewelery! I didn't know she sells at Simpang pasar malam, or else I wouldn't be scouting at Aulong pasar malam. Haiyah, should have check it out earlier.

    I lived near that place when I was young and never once missed out this happening Tuesday night. It's truely very fun walking the "superb long" night market, lol!

  2. Mei, i always go there and buy milky favourite..heheh

  3. Yvonne, ya, I think she is the same lady we met at casher market the other day.. those jewelleries are really nice!
    and now, I'd wait for Tuesday to come so that I can go there again! ;))

    Linda, pearl tea is my favourite too, especially Yam flavor ^_^

  4. I like pasar malam too...see see look look, walk walk and eat eat... so good neh!!!=) At jb, there is 1 near my apartment on every monday but i seldom got chance to there since my bf always ot! Another one is on saturday is located far abit from my area, i think 25mins to there!Last time every week we will be there to eat assam laksa, cendol, bbq chicken (those malay 1), and only will go 1 or 2 times a month when bf is not tired after work! I think we will cut down to go there too as last week someone is lost their car there... so dangerous!! Oooppsss, i going to miss it all again~*sad*

  5. hi Hayley..coming by to read yr pasar malam post.. long time i didnt walk night market around my area.. each time i go, sure ends up spending a lot on food! :)

  6. Evelyn, yay! it's nice to walk (burn fats :P) and see things (though we dont have anything particular to buy). well may be you can invite your friends to go with you! but still, be careful also, and dont go too late oh.

    Reanclaire, yay me too! cant resist temptations, there're so many food to eat! chinese, malay, indian etc etc... *drooling*
    you have a nice day!

  7. Hmm I went there with hubby last week - Tuesday. U know what, i was try to snap some photos n blog about it too..But sked my hubby nag at least u blog about it. I like it and appreciate it! thnx

  8. Long long time I didn't see this indian lady in Aulong pasar malam. Now only I know she already migrated to Simpang pasar malam.

  9. Angeline, lol, just snapping photos, he shoud not nag you! there're so much to see, I like going there too!

    Yan, ya, perhaps you can make a trip there next week! ;)

  10. I am different from you, i dont like jalan jalan in pasar malam, thank god my whole family also dont like...

  11. Eugene, I do know some friends like you, they dont like the heat and the odour from the night market... well, I guess it's pretty much depends on individual!

  12. Hi Hayley, nice pics. I too used to love pasar malams. Been to most of them in all the States, as well Singapore and Sarawak too.
    And 3 of my neckties were bought from pasar malams, ha ha.

    Reason being I dislike wearing ties, and when hearing a VIP will be present at those project sites, had to grab one from these night markets.
    And? I still have them...only Rgt 3.00 too. And my friends thought they were or are designer brands, ha ha.
    Its a pity we don't have pasar malams the ones in Thailand too....and Sarawak....
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  13. Hello Lee, I've never been to Sarawak's nor Singapore's. And speaking of Thailand, you remind me of the night market in Hatyai! The one situated near Lee Garden Hotel is awesome! Many nice food to eat and cheap and nice clothing also.
    haha and yes, you'd agree that some of the things sell at the night market are of good quality! ;)

  14. Hey,I didnt know you came SS2,forgive me for not reading your blog for ages...and welcomed to SS2 as I'm one of the resident here:)

  15. June, I went SS2 night market a couples of times, during my study at UM. I love it! lots of things to buy/eat! and it's quite convenient to go there too!


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