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Back to reality...

... and reality is always cruel =_=

fyi, it was the office honeymoon last week, as boss was away for business purpose. During this time, I woke up feeling happy just like a baby, without worries. LOL :D
But reality is reality, like it or not, we have to accept it. So today, blue Monday mode is on.

Anyway, I hope you had a great weekend because I did! (though it's abit restless)
Besides the usual hang out on Saturday night, hubby invited the gang to our place yesterday night (psst, parents in law were away! :P)
It was a last minute call so most friends had had their dinner already, so there were quite alot of left over food.
as usual, they don't it a party without their poisonous beers

we bought 2 buckets of KFC, satay ayam, junk food and drinks

a group photo of us!

the fun time ended around 11pm and while they were leaving, I quickly cleaned up the place and throw the garbage, and then rush to date Mr Zhou Gong!
Ask me and I'd prefer not to organize this kinda gathering so often at my place. Though I said I'm very particular in cleanliness but I'm actually not when I'm tired..... :S


  1. nice party...yeah....need to party with those beers....else very normal party only...must get them high a bit.

  2. Vialentino, haha, guys sure say like this... :)
    Being high is ok, but not too much, LOL..

  3. i like to have gatherings but dislike having to clean up :(

  4. girl, looks like you have party every weekend..nice nice

  5. Barbara, yea right! unless we have maids la :P

    Linda, ya I realise that too.. well, we must enjoy life, agree? ;)

  6. 11pm, you started your clean up, huh! I heard already also tired. But then, once in a while, hanging out with friends like this is actually fun.

  7. Yan, ya I was so tired.. But luckily my hubby helped out also la...

  8. Oh I'll never invite a bunch of friends to my house 'coz I'm a clean-freak too! Very boring to do those cleaning after that.

  9. Dora, ya you're right! But once in a blue moon should be ok la...

  10. I prefer to party out - stay away from my house! Wakakaka.... call me selfish, but I hate cleaning afterward. My hubb organized CNY party once and I did the cleaning the next day with lots of grumbling and nagging. No next time.

  11. Yeah, the after party clean up gets to me, that's why I never organize one at home. Usually rent a place for a neutral setting, so don't have to worry too much. Haha!

  12. Yvonne, haha, guess I should learn from you, grumbling and nagging.. so that my hubby gets the meaning... :D

    Gallivanter, ya, renting a place is a good idea, we can party like crazy and don't have to worry about getting dirty :P

  13. Once in awhile party at home is nice,, it will be better with beers too...

    hey always wanted to add you in blog,always forget now i must do it now,,take care now

  14. Eugene, hah, guys sure need beers during any party :)
    and thanks for the add!

  15. wow...all my fav. food - KFC , satay.....Party like this with friends once in a while is kinda fun! But the cleaning up is very tiring.

  16. mNhL, this satay is the best in Taiping! :D
    Yep, everyone is saying the same thing, cleaning up is indeed tedious!


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