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A trip to North

While most people attended Taiping Heritage Run last Sunday, hubby and I headed to Penang for short trip. Actually the main purpose of this trip is to get a DSLR camera which I've long for.... :D

camwhoring in the car and he entertained me with his usual lansi face

it was a cloudy day... and it rained at Penang when we reached Queensbay mall....

searching and searching, we couldn't find any camera shops there!! only found Sen Q but they din't sell Nikon! we decided to switch to Gurney Plaza but 1st, let's have lunch!

settled at Manhattan Fish Market

100 plus to quench our thirst

chili sauce, mayonese and some garlic

hubby had fish n chips (sword fish)

and I had baked herbs dory fish with chips

while we were on the way to collect our car, we saw this Kodak Express shop and we saw Nikon D5000 in the display cabinet!! :0
walked in to inquire about the price without hesitation and end up.......

tada!! :) finally we bought this at QB itself, saved time travelling. with this new toy, I'll need to do alot practice/reading/exploring on the manual. I'm not a professional now but I'll try to be one in the days to come, muahahah :D

p/s: I took photography course when I was in Uni, but all the knowledges had return to my lecturer! *slap forehead*
someone please? how to play with shutter, aperture, focus etc etc....... =_=


  1. Wei! Your new love very smart and handsome. I expect you to be an expect and help taking sui sui picture for me in our next function. Ok?

  2. wah! humongous DSLR! next time, any gathering, I'm counting on you ;p

  3. same to me too...all knowledge of the photography course have given back to the lecturer...i just remember aperture a bit only...haha~~~
    anywhere i think u will pick up back the knowledge after go through some books...
    learn fast fast so u can take my nice nice photo when we go icity :P hehe...

  4. wow~cool men... next time take nice photo for me, ok? :p

  5. Ahh you guys are giving me pressures!! Guess I must work hard to pick up the skills already! hehehe...

    Yan and Yvonne, ok I'll do my best. But just wondering when/where's our next event, kakakak :P

    Vinnie, ya lo, that time just learn for the sake of passing that course.. sigh..

    Evelyn, sure sure! :)

  6. wow!! COOL!!! can't wait to see more nice photos in ur blog :))))

  7. Hip Hip Hurray, U got a cool camera. Take sui sui picture ya. I also wish to invest one too...

  8. a new toy! Drive all the way to Penang to buy? Cheaper there?

  9. ::Yvonne::, haha, will do will do ;)

    Angeline, oh buy la, I'm sure you can afford it! heheh...

    mNhL, yes, nearest is Penang, thats why we went there. I believe KL is even cheaper, but need more time travelling lo~

  10. You came all the way to my town to buy camera,,you should have let know, i go haggle the price for you, penang lang get better bargain one,,,,next time only ok

  11. Eugene, haha, ok, may be next time when I upgrade the lens, I'll ask for your helps (but must make sure got discount kao kao :P)

  12. congrats on your new toy :D hey, your hubby's pose always make me laugh...hahahahha.

  13. Barbara, thanks! hehe, he always like that one :D

  14. U know what, I also studied photography during college time. But now really cannot remember a thing.
    My semi-DSLR also I always go for the auto setting only... :p
    Anywayz, happy playing with your new camera!

  15. Shirlexia, haha ya, Auto mode is the safest la...
    hehe, thanks! :)

  16. hahaha...welcome to slr me, is a worthy buy...time to snap and post some good pics...cant wait to c

  17. I love baked herb dory + butter rice very much... so happy snapping & post more "upgraded pix" here ok :-)

  18. Vialentino, I know you're a pro photographer, hehe, must learn from you...

    Dora, okay, give me some times to master the skill... hehe

  19. this must be expensive hor? I took photography in highschool! and of course i dont remember anything leh!! hehehe look like you are one happy girl lah!!


  20. Hi Hayley,
    enjoyed reading your short account of your trip. welcome to the dsr club. well to begin with you need to practice and practice. it will be good if you can join those with similar interest on their shooting.try to get those who are still green, as those in the 'pro" league would not be able to spare time to explain to greenhorns like us(yes I am new to this too) then post on your blog, facebook etc. and people might give their view and there you have it. your next shoot will improved.

  21. Jen, to me consider expensive la, but worth to invest as the quality is really different compare to normal digital camera..

    Hi Johnie, thanks for the comment!
    My bro is DSLR user too but since he's working at KL, I could only wait until he comes back to teach me.. But it's true, really need alot of practice!

  22. hi ur new toy edy^^
    so good~
    enjoy it^^
    actually my photo have work with photoshop so that u will see my photo color different~

  23. Hwi Yee, I see.. but your photos all are very nice! I bet the original ones are nice too! ^^

  24. Hi Hayley,
    nikon does conduct workshop from time to time. you may check their website. olympus is conducting one
    also open to other user, but pay slightly more.Here is their link if you are interested

  25. not pro photographer...i also still in learning stage and learn together from others too...

    u buy with standard kit lens rite...did u get flash? important u need is flash ... secondly...i took in manual mode but if u r beginner or intermediate....start to play with P (Program mode), AV (apperture), SV (shutter)... then slowly move to manual mode.

  26. Johnnie, oh really? Thanks for the infor! I shall check it out :)

    Vialentino, but you really take good photos!
    Yep, I bought the most basic one, no flash included, planning to practice with it 1st before upgrade to better lens.
    I've heard the same thing from my friend, should start with Programmed mode ya~
    Thank you for the guides!

  27. mei nice camera...i'm getting it one before year end for my sabah's trip....waiting for my tunggakan pay coming..hopefully soon..settle ptptn and get this one...cheers...

  28. Linda, oh really? Which model are you going to buy?? hehe.. next time can share experience ya~


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