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Man and PMS

Women and men each have monthly hormone cycles, with estrogen and testosterone levels fluctuating. A woman’s hormonal cycle is clearly marked in red by the arrival of our periods every month, punctuated sharply by multiple precursor symptoms.

Interestingly, a study published a few years ago shows that the majority of men claim to suffer from a range of symptoms most usually associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). The cause? Most often a sudden fall in testosterone – the hormone responsible for sex drive, sperm production and muscle tone. A man’s cycle isn’t marked with such obvious red checks as a woman’s, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his period! It’s just invisible.

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PMS affects everyone differently, and varies in its severity. Some common symptoms include:

- tension (which will make people around him tension as well)
- stress (displays through his everything-is-so-wrong face)
- anxiety (eg: follow up on works NON STOP)
- mood swings (which I think results in sudden raise of voice etc)
- increased emotional sensitivity (he's nice to you now but change within seconds)
- changes in libido (erm, not sure, need to ask his wife :P)

So guys, dont complain when your female partners are having PMS. I think we all are the same ;)

p/s: I'm refering to someone in specific, not my hubby nor my father.. Hope you know who! :P

for more infor on male PMS, click here


  1. waaaa.... male pms! lol.. thanks for sharing . heheheh

  2. err...dunno but sometimes do feel down out of a sudden. Could that be? haha...

  3. To solve all this man PMS problem,,,, exercise, pray, and enjoying don't fret/////

  4. goldflower86, no worries! Hope it helps you in understanding your bf better *wink*

    ChrisAu, erm, I think not really.. perhaps just some mood swing?

    Eugene, LOL, good ones! :)

  5. Wakakaka! He's not PMS-ing. He's MENopause-ing!

  6. Yvonne, hahaha :D
    Imagine, PMS + Menopause = DISASTERS!!

  7. I hate this every month thing. So leceh. and make my stomach so bloated.

  8. Guys also experience PMS? Haha...I didn't know that.

    P/S: Hayley I've linked you too. :)

  9. mNhL, ya agree.. very troublesome =_=

    Mummy Gwen, thanks ;)
    Ya, interesting right? hehe...

  10. Wah....that's an interesting info!^^

  11. Erika, yes!! ;)
    Have a nice day!

  12. LOL, very interesting! That tells the reason why my husband can be so emotional at time, hehe... next time when this symptoms occur, I should tease him, "Your 'Dai Yi Ma' visiting ar?!" wakakakaka!

  13. Alice Law, LOL :D
    With this, I think we should understand each other better, as both men and women also have PMS... =_=


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