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Another year wiser

It was hubby's birthday yesterday so I gave him a dinner treat. These days I seldom buy him presents unless if there's something specific which he wants. Most of the times, we'll settle with a meal.
Went to Raintree cafe at Flemington Hotel for a simple celebration.

xmas tree decor on the table

the birthday boy who hardly smile when taking photo =_=

thats me

ordered this Chicken Valdostana Milanese for myself

hubby had grilled black pepper steak

a blur camwhored photo of us

The food was ok but the service is still abit slow, there were no customer last night when we were there. Somehow the chinese restaurant upstair makes more business than this one, I wonder can this western cafe survives?

last but not least, a plate of his favourite fruit as dessert ^^

After the fattening dinner, I made myself stand for at least 30 mins and did the invisible chair pose while Facebooking =_=


  1. Cool, i am the first commentor,i skipped lunch to do blog visits ma,, hahahahah.

    still no sights of Guiness on his birthday dinner? how can man

  2. Hahaha, settled at Raintree, eh? I thought both of you will be jelak at the sight of western food. Oh ya, you said you had mostly Chinese food during your last trip :p My bad.

    I prefer Panorama although the ambience isn't as nice as Raintree. The food is a bit pricey, hardly seen the cafe in 'Full' mode and yeah, makes me wonder how they survive.

  3. Happy belated birthday to him ya.

  4. Eugene, haha, I dont drink Guinness now, so he'll need to drink on his own, 'mou yan'. So, skipped the Guinness :P

    Yvonne, initially I suggested to go AutoCity but it was kinda late already, so settled at Taiping =_=
    Yes, Panorama or Nagaria is ok as well ^^

    Angeline, thanks thanks ;)

  5. Evelyn, looks yummy ho! But fattening also =_=
    Nvm la, once a while right? *self comforting*

  6. I was tempted by the last fruit picture more.

  7. I know Yan, this one looks less fat and healthier right!

  8. Same, me too here, I no longer buy birthday presents for my hubby's birthday anymore, unless there's something that he really wants (and within my budget!). After getting married is mostly treating him to food for birthday, and he treating me to food too for my birthday.

  9. Me too. I never buy any presents for my Hubs anymore..he buy himself..hehe. can do invisible chair pose..LOL.

  10. After the fattening dinner, I made myself stand for at least 30 mins and did the invisible chair pose while Facebooking =_=
    i lol so hard at that one. no worry leng lui, so pretty ma. heheh
    happy belated bday! food look good~

  11. Alice Phua, haha high 5! Me too, I'd prefer a luxury food treat, unless there's something I really want la~

    Mummy Gwen, haha, have to force myself to do that pose, felt guilty after taken the fattening food, LOL :D

    goldflower86, haha really? :P
    Thanks ya!

  12. Same here, we buy each other presents whenever we like but definitely not for birthdays haha. Happy belated birthday to your lou-gung.

    For me, after a fattening meal, I will drink some freshly squeezed lemon/lime juice. I have this silly pre-conceived idea that the acid will neutralize all the oil and won't make me fat haha :)

  13. happy belated birthday to you hayley :)

    have a great day!!
    jen @

  14. ChloeRuoyi, haha good idea! Thanks! I'll do that next time ^^

    Jenny, erm.. its my hubby's belated birthday actually ;)
    Anyway, thanks gal~


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