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Another random post

Share with you, another favourite snackof mine....

鱿鱼丝 (I think it's called dried shredded squid?)

It's hubby and my favourite, can munch on it non stop ^^
One thing not good about it though (besides the calories), our mouth stink after eating it, LOL :D
Do you like this too?


  1. For my age, my body size and my sensitive skin, I can't afford snack like this anymore.

  2. Yes, it's one of my fave snacks too. ^_^

  3. Never tried it before, but from your post I can understand that it must be really delicious.

  4. Ooh.. I love this!! But don't dare to take so much now, contains lots of cholesterol.

  5. my hub favourite too .. once he start , he just cannot stop .... must finished the whole packet ... why ar ??? hahahhaha

  6. This one sure 爱不释手 one, what more with some Guiness stouts hahahahhahah

  7. Yan, oh, but a little bit should be ok wert :P

    Mummy Gwen, haha high 5!!

    Umm Mymoonah, yes it's delicious (despite the smell >.<)

    ChrisAu, agree. Contains lots of cholesterol =_=

    Anggie's Journal, haha its very addictive.

    Eugene, with Guinness Stout? Hmm, interesting, I never try this combination before, LOL.

  8. Hi Hayley, I love this too. I get them from our Chinese supermarkets, a different one to yours but still a munchie....and when watching a late night TV movie, will munch away....or else I'll fall asleep.
    But it sure smells to high Heaven, ha ha.

    I once dated an SYT long ago, Holy Smoke! Fortunately she told me she was munching that before I arrived or else she would be getting a box of crest toothpaste from me, ha ha.
    Have fun.

  9. Oh, I love this too....I call it Dahfa even though it's just the brand and other brands also have the same thing too. My toddler boy loves this too! I'll usually let him snack on this if it's my working day and I'm too lazy to purposely cook something for him yet his stomach may be partially empty only - just for his supply of protein, calcium and potassium! ^_^ About the smell of it in the mouth after eating it, hehehe....that's just a small matter! :-D

  10. Lee, LOL.. yea luckily she told you 1st, otherwise... =_=
    Thanks for dropping by, take care there!

    Alice Phua, oh I dint know it has protein, calcium and potassium! :0

    Evelyn, yea high 5 ya!

  11. oh i love this too but cannot eat too much of this because i would put on weight very fast :(

    yeah, the mouth stinks after eating this...just dun kiss after that...hahahahahahahaha

  12. Barbara, yea right! Cannot kiss after that, LOL :D

  13. It's squid? I thought it is made from fish all this while. My whole family loves this too but I seldom buy it... only once in a while.

  14. ChloeRuoyi, well, I'm not so sure too! I know it's called 鱿鱼丝 in chinese, so I reckon it's made from squid? =_=

  15. something like fish..snack, right? i prefer the sotong one.. higher cholesterol... haha...

  16. This is Juan Juan's favourite snack of all time leh, she can actually finish the whole package all by herself(she was reluctant to share with us this)!

  17. reanaclaire, yea, smell like fish, LOL :D

    Alice Law, oh really? haha, guess this snack is her real favourite~ Next time buy more lo :P

  18. The whole household loves this snack... can't avoid the downside though - its distinquish smell, hahaha!

  19. Mykids love this. I don't let them eat in the car, can pengsan lorr!

  20. Yvonne, yea, agree, the smell, haha :D

    Pete, haha, I know! Cannot eat in the car~


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